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Now Available!

Thanks to Claritas for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the KLUTZ DESIGN CanCans available.

NicolasDrop Buyer



1500 votes! Time to make ROOM for some gorgeous stands. Soon, please.
So how does this work...when does the drop commence?
It will only commence if they can convince Room to participate in this. If not, they will go to the 2nd highest voted product and try to convince them.
Glad you liked 'em :D
Lol at all the descriptions for each stand/clamp.
Thanks for telling us about the K&M stands. They look better than some of the other options. I'll add their basic clamp stand to the poll.
The Sennheiser HD 595 sand (technically called the HH-10) is discontinued. Dale Audio may have a few left. They should sell for $25-$29, but profit taking vendors are asking $40-$60 as if they were collectors items. You gota love this country and its' capitalistic system. The wall stand to get is the German made K & M. All black powder coated steel and rubber at $20 to $30. Try B & H Photo.
You can get the Omega style audio stands from Alie Express on line out of China. Mine were $28 delivered and of very good quality. Not perfect, but the Sievkings were no where worth $150 more apice.
Hey Everyone,
Thanks for your patience! We are still working to source the top options.
It will be interesting to see if ROOMS Audio Line wants to sell here. I know there were replica Omega stands before the real Sievking models. It's interesting to see Massdrop move from selling replicas to legitimacy:)
1000 votes! Woohoo! It's only a matter of time now.
Almost 1000 votes, any news?
Sorryboss, there are links to all the products. I also want to point out that there may be an error on the wi-fi man model, I believe it should be $19.95. I agree with the others that the Room stands look fantastic.
Would be awesome to get a link to the product website in the descriptions, the images of them are terrible on here!
I can't wait to see this ROOM stand become a drop! It looks stunning!
I've been buying up a lot of headphones... need some headphone stands now. Lets keep trying to get this one to happen!
We are still working on sourcing the top products and will update you if we make progress.
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700+ votes says this is gonna be big. Especially if the Audeze Edition is made available. 2-3 for me too!
Any further updates?
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We will reach out to the vendors for the top products in hopes of sourcing them for the community. We'll provide an update to the group on 10/24.
Thanks much! Please ask for the Audeze Edition too for those who use them.
Maybe I should've called the poll "Luxury headphone stands" -- except the Room's stand is very reasonable (~$100) for what you're getting. But the shipping is outrageous.
Those black leather padded Cancans though... Ouch, and that price! I don't know where you live but 800$ is one hell of a mint.
Thanks. From what I've read on Head-Fi (, the standard version fits the newer Audezes with angled plugs.

I agree with you and hope that the Audeze edition of the Room's stand will be an option in this drop.
I searched more and found that Room's also makes an Audeze edition now. Don't they look great together?
Room's site doesn't say but Thomann lists "W x D x H 116 x 200 x 254 mm, weight: 0.35 kg."
I really like the darker Zebrano (model FS)
Yeah, 10 inches doesn't cut it for Audeze, but the Audeze edition looks nice. I will vote for this and hopefully the Audeze edition will be a choice.
What are the heights of the ROOM stands? I know it's incredibly unlikely but maybe this time we'll see something tall enough for Audeze.