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Mm been wanting a hh10 for a while!
Hi Everyone,
The Just Mobile Headstand is now available for on Massdrop!
Thanks for your votes,
I dont like edges or lack of surface area for my headphones. <br /><br />The Sieveking is ridiculous but how awesome would It be to have one...<br /><br />The HH10 is just plain awesome. super versatile especially if your desk has shelves. One I use personally but honestly its cheap enough to just buy. Rather use massdrop for something more expensive, something I wouldnt buy anywhere near retail.<br /><br />The double or single WooAduio is just a great quality headphone stand. adjustable, basically a better Just Mobile which is basically a hose hook.
boo... yea, i wish the Woo Audio HPS-H Headphone Stand won instead. I don't like sharp edges for my headphone stands. basically the drop price of the Just Mobile HeadStand is the same as the retail price of the HPS-H & I would prefer the HPS-H
So any chance a new headphone stand drop might be coming in soon? I would love to have the HH10 or Just Mobile Headstand.
WooAudio HPS-T for sale on eBay for $80 shipped within U.S.<br />
I've just personally purchased the Woo Audio HPS-R (Single) and also received a FiiO HS1 stand for free (unrelated transaction).<br /><br />The HPS-R is phenomenal value even at $69 full price. The FiiO is a rip off unless you can get it for something like $12 shipped, IMO.