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Now Available!

Thanks to nnnn for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones available.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

Hey everyone,
Good news! We were able to source the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones, and you can find the drop here:
Enjoy. :)
My younger bro has a pair of M50 and it's great, but I don't like to copy whatever he has, I like to change it up and try something.
I have complete faith in the M50x, please continue to do the best you can for us. Thank you Massdrop for being so awesome!!!
Hi All,
We're definitely looking at possibilities of sourcing the M50/M50x. Once we find something you'll be the first to know. As for the Senn 598s, they're currently heavily discounted on Amazon and other fine online retailers, so they're not a choice that makes sense for a drop right now.
M50x's would be fantastic, since the normal M50's have been dropped already.
Thanks for all your hardword =)
I'm new to massdrop. There are alot more than 200 votes, so when do they contact the manufacturer?
these are the m50s so they will probably ignore that pick. People seriously need to stop voting it up. We get it you want the m50s dropped, not every single freaking headphone vote needs it in it!!!!
Maybe a new poll. "Anything BUT M50's"
Let's go together for portable Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear - Red!
Can someone tell me what is the appeal of the M50x's ? .... Is it the 'x' at the end?
Surprised to see the krk's with so few votes. Very good bargain as it is
I want M50x for around $110
for anyone looking to pick up a pair of discounted ath-m50x, check out
they have white and black ath m50x for $119.99+$2 shipping. best price I've seen anywhere. also, they offer many different discounted audiophile headphones. offerings change every so often. :) cheers!
m50x's are overrated.
I'd disagree with you there. They sound incredible for the money.
....... Really? M50x's again? Just wow.
When are they gonna order these the ATH-M50x's? It's been way more than 200 votes.
Can you stop votin for athm50 and vote for sennehiser hd558 instead for once!?
Word. This is like the 3rd or 4th time man. Really starting to get pissed off.
here you go. hd558 for $119.99+$2shipping.
I want them really bad xD
i really want to get AKG Q701.
Really want the K612s
omg I would love to pick up a white m50x!!! :)
598s are just 558s with the foam tape on the inside of the vents removed. Unless you're willing to pay like $50 for weird colours, the tape removal, and a higher number, it's just not worth it
This is for the 555 -> 595 but it's the same for the 558
The evil 666 votes on the M50x...
Please ban any account for suggeting ath m50 or m50x in future. This is the last
Why are you people voting for fairly bad headphones? They're the worst in the poll.
Sennheiser 558 please?
Can't wait
i want M50X under $140!
Frigging hell, no more ATH-M50s!!!
Is there ANY chance Sennheiser ever agrees to a drop?
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They're good, but not "spam every single poll" good.
Comparatively, as per the polls which is a seriously good under 200$ headphone? (Apart from you know M50s)
Working on this
dt880's nom nom nom
Oh look, the ATH-M50xs are winning. What are the odds?
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They do. It's the most frequently dropped item on this site. Apparently, the M50 isn't good enough for the crybabies who want the M50X. Someone actually told me that they were upset about Massdrop not getting those. Wow, just wow.
The M50X do have a detachable cable which is a definite plus. So they are superior but only slightly