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Now Available!

Thanks to George_Feenuy for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones available.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

Update? Its been over 100 days since the last update.....
Seen several votes which already crossed the mark. Massdrop is doing a great job and i love them but they should honor the completed polls as soon as they can.
Massdrop, we have voted. Can you now please bring us the Sennheiser Momentum Over the ear? It would be great if we had a colour options.
Dang, I bet myself 20 bucks before I opened the poll that the top result would be M50s. I must pay myself 20 bucks then.
I'm surprised the Beyer DT 880 250 ohm isn't on the list. It easily takes the top spot for the $200 range.
own a pair and they are awesome!
Try Ultrasone. I just added the Pro 550. I've always wanted to hear the basshead S-logic sound :)
Update Time!
Trying to get the M50x, as posted elsewhere it's a stock problem above anything else. AT's been telling us they don't have any units for you to purchase as they're heavily back ordered.
Spoke with senn last Wednesday. The folks I spoke with were excited at the idea of working with the community, but now they have to go back through senn and get approval from everyone up the chain. Will post more information on this as it develops.
Forget HiFiMAN for now. They're not interested in listing and we're always checking with them.
Lets get some names in here that are less beaten to death.
Dreamgear 3D's anybody? :")
Would we be able to get the Sennheiser Momentum in black as well? The photo shows the ivory pair but mentions the brown.
Also, I've use the M50's everyday for a year. They sound great after plenty of burn in but the cushions have started to crack and harden. Replacements are $24. I was going to upgrade to the M50x but would consider the Momentums if they get picked.
We need a poll that excludes M50s. Jesus christ.
I have owned both the HD598 and Momentum headphones at the same time. While I have to admit the 598's open back allowed for a nicer sound stage, the Momentum are far more practical and extremely comfortable as a portable headphone.
The Momentum has an extremely low weight that allows it to be worn for hours without noticing the strain, and the leather ear cups go a long way towards preventing sweaty ears.
The Momentums DEFINITELY need burn in, around 100 hours, I have had two pairs and to confirm I had a couple friends, both another audiophile and two who really didn't know their sound quality that well. They went through two transitions, first starting out very boomy with lacking highs, and then slowly the mid range seemed to clear up, followed by the bass normalizing to a level that is just a little above most flat headphones. I had my HD598's properly amped as a constant comparison so that I had something to check any changes I noticed against their sound.
That being said they are my favourite headphones to wear, easy to take with you, extremely nice to look at, but also a great sound quality that truly will blow you away :)
Oh, and since it seems to need mentioning, yes they sound much better than the M50's.
finally, someone who knows something about headphones. Pretty funny considering the numerous headphone drops on the site, and yet people don't know what burn-in is or they either go ahead and say the whole concept is 'bullshit'.
Audiophile means you love music, it doesn't mean you have to be a dick about it.
I think, for the most part, burn-in is a bullshit concept. It can perhaps make a slight difference over time with headphones, but not enough to make one pair sound worse than another, then all of a sudden sound better. For the most part, "burn-in" is simply someone adjusting to the nuances of a certain build of headphone, not the headphones changing themselves.
u think wrong
Burn In...There is something about this, but headphones burn In has only subtle effect. On my Hifiman HE-400 manual the company writes themselves that these need 150+h of burn in. But again, the difference is only subtle, not night and day, It's never night and day. IEMs don't need this at all. The only thing I would agree to burn in are tubes. People in this hobby like to burn in everything they buy, the amp, a DAC, analog and digital cables. thats not my cup of tea
I like the Dreamgear Elmo ones the most.
edit: No, I was just kidding.
It's because of their ratings on head-fi. They are good entry level cans but they're significantly less expensive and less refined than most (maybe all) of the others in the poll. I have the black/red momentums (that look WAY better IMO) and they sound great. They just have really small cups that fit differently than most over ear headphones.
The M50s are easily the worst sounding headphones on this poll, and yet they have the most votes. The hype is strong.
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The momemtums i believe are priced due to it's design/look/portability and not particularly for its sound quality. I won't surprised if the AT M50s sound better than them.
not true, I have tried both and after the burn-in period the Momentums' quality far exceed the M50s.
SoundMagic HP 200. Anyone?