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Now Available!

Thanks to Greywind for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the AntLion ModMic 4 available.

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AntLion ModMic 4

AntLion ModMic 4

for anyone following this still, modmic 4.0 just became available this week
So, my apologies to everyone who missed out on the ModMic drop earlier this week, I do want you to know that we are going to be listing the ModMic 4.0 as soon as it comes out, and hopefully with no quantity limitations.
That may be as long as 6- 8 weeks from now, but it will happen!
Its time!
Modmic 3.0 samples are en route to us now, the deal is nearly finalized!
This is something I would definitely buy
Got my CoP headset some time ago. Has a pretty awesome flexible goose neck and build quality is quite good. The cable itself is pretty long - around 2.5m, which breaks into 2 cables at the end (around 25 cm each) - one for mic and one for headphones. Mic quality is fine - far better then previous generic mic I was using. So if you have CoPs - definitely go for it.
I'm really kind of disappointed we've not gotten a response yet with over 325 votes on this one
I've ordered COP headset gear some time ago (got a pretty good deal with shipping on black Friday). Now only have to wait for a package to arrive. I'm quite interested in their "professional" grade mic there.
Added the Zalman Mic1 (personally want the modmic though). Their website seems to be having issues atm though.
considering Custom One Pros, the choice is obvious.
Sort of surprised the drop hasn't happened yet considering how many people have voted
I just wish Antlion would stabilize. Each mic is fairly different so I always feel like I should just wait for the next release, then the next one, then the next one.. Always wanted one though~
I believe ModMic and Antlion are the same thing, no?
@JohnJohn Yes, Antlion are the creators of the modmic and I think they're finalizing their 4.0 revision. Just like any product, they strive to make the next one better. I don't think you'd be that disappointed if you had earlier versions such as the 2.3 or 3.0. I'd be on board for 2 if it were to drop though.
There's a lot of us who have mid to high end headphones that don't have a detachable cable or an input for a mic that all of these options minus the ModMic and AntLion have. I bought the AUVIO yesterday at Radio Shack simply because I needed something cheap that works in the interim, but I have had to tape it to the side of my AKG headphones in order to use adequately for gaming.
Any chance of the modmic actually being dropped? It'd be a definite purchase for me
It has been multiple times before
that comment is 430 days old, before the first drop
I have the modmic 3.0 and love it. My first mic did crap up on me within the first month, but the second has been working like a charm for a few months now. AntLion is excellent in their customer support, very personable, quick to resolve the issue. They didn't demand the broken mic back before shipping a new one. Very good people.
AntLion's QA issues should be resolved with their new manufacturer(s).
Considering ModMic's quality issues, I'd be interested in some alternatives, or rather some information about them.
Don't vote for the GEAR, some of us can't remove the wire from our headphones.