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Sorry I took so long to make this happen, but it has been a tumultuous journey indeed. The G502 Proteus is live on the site right now, thanks for voting on such a great product.
Andrew, give us some love! Is the distributor still waiting for new stock? Are you looking for a different distributor? Eagerly anticipating any updates, for better or worse.
Any new updates about this, I am in need of a new mouse.
How long does it take before your accutally able to buy it?
Any new developments Andrew?
I would love to see the G502 on Massdrop! I know some people who would buy the mouse if it were on here. I would get it for sure. I'm looking to get a mouse to replace my Deathadder 2013 and the G502 is definitely the one I would go for.
Hopefully this works out with the G502, that mouse looks amazing.
Hello all, I'm new (today) to Massdrop - but I can not recommended the Corsair M40 mouse at all. I have one - I purchased it through an EGG shaped electronics online retailer, and have had the M40 die twice on me in less than a year. Once less than thirty day after purchase so the EGG shaped retailer replaced and then 93 days later I had to go through Corsairs warranty program.
After 65 days of fighting with Corsair I think they just gave up and sent me a replacement M40 - not because they wanted to, simply to shut me up, so they would not have to listen to me rant at them sometime three calls a day.
DO NOT (in my opinion) MASSDROP a Corsair M40 mouse.
I'll never buy Corsair (anything) ever again.
Unfortunately, I don't think we're gonna get this. Unless we or Andrew can work some sort of miracle.
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Ah that sucks but thanks for still looking :)
Anything to report Andrew? :)
If the G502 doesn't get 1000 votes, we don't get a deal, as simple as that.
So how do we proceed from here? What would a drop like this look like? The final low price won't become available until 1,000 people sign up for the drop, and if 1,000 don't sign up, then no harm done, drop doesn't go through...?
I was going to post an update last Friday saying that I had to close the poll, but while I was writing out the draft message, a guy from Logitech called me up and said that it MIGHT be able to work if we got 1000 people to join. This is by no means a guarantee that this drop will go, but it's at least a better chance than before!
G502 and Zowie. Because they have optical scroll.
How about an update guys at Massdrop?
I went to Best Buy today and got a chance to hold the Proteus 502 for the first time. The mouse felt so incredible you would have thought it was built using my hand as the mold! Must have this mouse!
I feel that way about the Mionix Naos mice. I tried out the G502 and it feels slightly more comfortable in my grip than the G500, and definitely a good mouse for gamers, but not my cup of tea. Nice to see that they decided to include the dual-mode scroll wheel on this mouse that they neglected on the G702.
So, thanks for voting everyone! I'm actually in talks with several distributors of Logitech products, and they are aware of our interest in the Proteus 502. We may have something awesome for you in the near future. In the meantime, I've got the Mionix 8200 series up right now, and very shortly I will be listing some more mice with excellent price to performance ratios.
TL:DR - I'm trying to get the 502, nothing concrete yet.
I have a Razer DeathAdder and it is one of the nicest mouses in its price range. If you are looking for a gaming mouse that isn't a mmo mouse, than this is the one to go with. But... if you are not budget restricted you can obviously move up in price, but the DeathAdder is a really good choice for anybody.
It'll most likely be some time before MD can get a response from Logitech. Logitech is a big company, so not only will it take more time for them to talk to the right people and go through the process (To quote a response from MD in a different poll: "somewhere between weeks to months."), but it'll also be less likely that the G502 will get the drop.
It has been two weeks now since we received the 200 votes necessary for consideration. Will Massdrop tell us if it is a no go so I can stop waiting on this?
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I'd rather pay less and get my item eventually.
Shitson. I just picked up a g602 for $54.00 @
I own the G502 and it is seriously one killer mouse. Picked it up at PAX East for $40 and I could not be happier. I'd buy another on a drop in a heartbeat.
We need more votes for the g502!
We're getting close to 1,000 votes. I really hope Logitech allows this drop to happen.
I felt the G502 and it's pretty good. I'm using a Roccat Kone XTD atm and I'm interested in this mouse, the profile is pretty comfortable!
Most of these companies have turned us down in the past, I believe, but it can't hurt to try.
This is my first time creating a poll on Massdrop and I am somewhat unfamiliar with the process after getting the 200 votes. We reached the 200 votes necessary for consideration days ago, but have not heard anything more on if this will actually come to fruition. Could anyone elaborate on how long it takes for a poll/drop to become a reality please?
Massdrop is obligated to reply at this point, but not right away. Massdrop will contact the manufacturer of whatever item has the most votes in a given poll, and ask said manufacturer if they are interested in participating. If they agree, they will negotiate a price point, how many they have to sell, among other things. Massdrop will post on this comment thread and tell us whether they were successful or not.
I am not 100% on this information so I could be wrong, but I've been here for a few months now, and that seems to be how it usually goes.
Ok, thank you for clarifying. I knew they would have to reach out to Logitech after the 200 votes were reached, I wasn't sure how long it would take for them to get back to us though.
I disrecommend the RAT, I was planning on getting the latest and most improved version, the RAT 7, and after asking around and googling for quite some time, a lot of the people I spoke to mentioned that the RAT has a very bad sensor. Anything else I could accept, but the sensor of the mouse is easily the most crucial part, and certainly with a high end mouse you want to be certain you will never run into any problems with your sensor. The RAT 5, 7, and 9 all share the Philips Twin Eye sensor, and just a few minutes on google will provide a lot of complaints about this sensor. I really want the RAT, because it's customisability is unique, but the sensor is such an essential part of any mouse that nobody should buy one, until they release a version of the RAT with a good sensor.
My vote goes out to the Steelseries Sensei, and the Logitech G502.
As if I needed incentive not to buy MadCatz products.
Would definitely be interested in the G502 dropping. I personally avoid wireless mice like the plague due to poor performance and reliability, but for those interested in the Rat, the switchable batteries come at a high price: <1-day battery life.
G502 looks like ricer crap...
Voted for Zowie FK.