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an 840 evo. WHY?! The 850 evo is so much better. And the cpus are 4th generation
Most of these are not high end at all.
Really! They say high end gaming yet 95% of the video card options were the nvidia 900 series, aka last gen. Here we are awaiting the release of the next gen series of
The H100 is crap.
H115i is what you want to be looking into. Dumb poll
There are way better options than the Corsair series of coolers. There are a few much better AIO's out there that offer better options and are configurable if so desired.
Lack of gaming laptops....?
I would love if we got mid grade drops like ddr4 16gb, budget gaming cpus, and 240gb ssd. someone make this happen
Whats with these shotgun PC part Polls? why not do something more specific, like just RAM or CPU coolers, or Cases?
anyone know if EVGA is interested? I see a lot of MSI drops.
fires... overheating... did I mention fire? Have you heard anything happening to the Hybrid versions? I was considering those. Also, I've heard MSI's customer service isnt that great.
It's the old version of the corsair hydro not the new one so wrong image you took the v2 and not the stock one buto didn't write v2 in the poll
H100 is garbage and isn't even close to a high end part besides air coolers can beat it so yeah...
Can't wait for the gtx to go on sale
It saddens me that nobody is voting for the Mercury S8... I don't see how anyone can like any other case...
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CaseLabs is a small family owned company they would loose so much money by doing a drop
Like I said, I agree that it's unlikely, they have every reason not to without much motivation in favor. It's still worth asking, though. You can always assume, but you never know.
Honestly hoping for the H100i or the 5820k to get a drop, that'll be real nice
If you want an amazing pc check out
970s in sli are better than a titan x so...
Definitely, as long as you are running a game that is optimized for sli, and dont mind micro-stuttering.
What is the point of this poll? Are people looking for massdrop to drop pricing on a piece of high end computer tech?
none worth right now.. we are in the era of ddr4 and its a new tech I understand you "wooo hoo new tech.. better performance right?" but nope.. Unless you have a butt that pops money out its not that nice of a deal with nearly same performance (I didn't see THAT much of increase) of rams Idc if this is new or not.. I'll wait for new-er ddr4's and hashwell-e.. they will make prices go down a bit and show us what developers of the new hardware are trying to do with this new ddr movement
I'm only after the 64GB (8x8GB) RAM kit, I'm also interested in the Lian-Li case, but currently don't have a use for one, I'm not interested in anything else in the list though
vote for the Lian Li case! im telling you guys, thing is a beast! would love to get it at a reduced price for this build im doing right now.
Unless we all pick RAM this poll is worthless, we arent going to get a big enough group of people with the same CPU sockets or same video card preference etc.
i7 is good for video editing though.
so what
i7 doesn't do anything for gaming, the only thing it has over an i5 is hyper-threading, and that does NOTHING in games.
None of these are even close to high end.
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980ti and Titan x are not high end in your opinion?
980ti ? Your better off looking on Craigs list or Ebay for previous gen tech.