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Now Available!

Thanks to Jaegar for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones available.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

cool beans
Hey Everyone,
The AKG K712 has just been launched! Here's a link to the drop for your top voted option:
Thanks for your votes, keep them coming!
HD 650 is on sale at 404.99$, Last time it was 350$ on Massdrop I heard (jump ship or wait? Amazon has free shipping though).
Reality check at full price 499$; 374$ (25%), 324$ (35%), 259$ (48%) plus shipping.
We're doing our best to get the HD650s back but there's no clear timeline at this point.
Hop on the amazon deal or get some used on the head-fi classifieds. I bought all my big headphones used and saved a lot of money that way.
Lol I really like how many different pairs of headphones there are on this thread
Hoping the Senn650 will win. Also, the Beyer 880 600ohm is a better phone than the 990. Sometimes, the higher model number is hardly the end of the story guys...
The thing is that you can't really say that one is better than the other.. The 880 is more analytical and flatter than the 990. From what i have read the 990 has peaks in the lows and highs. The 990 is also fully open whereas the 880 only is semi-open. It all depends on your preference.
It's too bad that Sennheiser will never agree to a drop. :( Same with Audeze.
*sigh* I think the only way any headphone OTHER than the ATH-M50's will win is if we all vote for the HD 650's to prevent divided votes.
The ATH-M50's REALLY don't belong on this list. They're wonderful headphones for their pricerange, but they aren't in the same league as any of the headphones here. I recommend it be removed, if that is possible.
It is funny that you have no control whatsoever in your poll after you have started it. Someone could have added a toaster and i couldn't remove it. If i had option to delete product, many products in this poll would be gone.
why no love on the 558? Definitely a good bang for buck high end headphone.
My guess is the 598 is stealing its thunder. But for the price, the 558 looks pretty good.
lol gaming headsets on high quality poll
Someone vote the HE500 up please
I'm going to agree with the other responses here. The ATH-M50's don't belong here. I'd rather buy a pair of superlux tbh. I want some high end senny's please! Or I'll take the K712 thanks!
Think we could flag the ATH-M50s? Getting tired of seeing people who can't think for themselves vote for those and those only.
EDIT: Congratulations, folks. You've spammed another poll with the ATH-M50 bandwagon. Now Massdrop will be able to get M50xs for like, $5 each.
If anyone here is interested more in just planar magnetic headphones, i made different poll just for them.
Astro a50s Instead?
they are neither high end nor good value
Not only is that not high end or a good value, it's not even a headphone. It's a head/set/.
It's my hope that Massdrop will disregard ATH-M50 bandwagoners. I'd go as far to say that the internet's darling ATH-M50s are more overrated than Beats.
Someone needs to fix the option "Sennheiser SRH-1440 Open-Back Studio Headphones" since it is Shure, not Sennheiser.
Sorry for the Mad dog misspell ;D
Oh look, one of the very first options that got added to the poll were the ATH-M50s. Le sigh. I have to point this out again: Massdrop knows the ATH-M50s are popular and they get them as often as possible. Insert boldface format. By the way, the poll is for "high end and good value." The ATH-M50s - as much as everyone and their dog loves the headphones - are neither of those.
I have to agree with you. There is no reason to put the ATH-M50s on there.
I have to say, it's getting mighty crowded on the bandwagon. Here's hoping that some people will vote for better choices.