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Hi everyone!
Thanks for voting. I am going to be closing this poll as it is unlikely that we will be able to offer graphics cards to the community because they are low margin products and it is unlikely we would be able to get a better price than what you find at existing online retailers. Thank you for voting and I'll make sure to continue sourcing other community identified products!
Plenty of other GPU polls, are you closing all of them, too?
So from my understanding no price drop was ever going to happen right?...
hey everyone the 980 ti has its own vote page now I put the gaming three cooler one on there from gigabite
980ti would be nice :D
i just want me a 970 :D
more hardware drrops plz :D
i dont understand with all the vote on those cards why no drop?
I run 3 of the gigabyte gtx 970 G1s in my main rig, and they have been flawless, so anyone looking for a great price/performance card, I can't recommend it highly enough. Though as has been said here the Ti looks even better value, if your wallet can stretch to it. So maybe worth a wait ?
so this drop might have a serious issue with commitment since the release of the GTX 980 ti its price versus performance ratio is on par with GTX 970 with I voted for too but since the 980 ti came out I would much rather commit to it. Although maybe at least 400 people that committed to this will still get the 970 but I would much rather wait a month for gigabyte to release their 980 ti and do a mass drop on that
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Saying "MD will never sell video cards" rather than "Card Manufacturers will never let MD sell video cards" without further clarification, I would suppose. It reads like MD made the choice either way.
Stop nitpicking. I stated the fact, which IS that MD will never sell videocards. If you read that it's MD's choice, well, that's your problem because I neither implied nor said that. If you want to add that clarification, go right ahead, but DO NOT PUT WORDS INTO MY MOUTH.
980 TI is out ;)
I added the evga watercooled version to the poll!
yea but most people don't run water cooled systems though so idk if that will work im down for the 980 ti though . :-)
Why is everyone voting for the EVGA 970? The MSI 970 over-clocks better than any of the 970s... Also EVGA had the worst coil whine, did they fix that?
lol, no R9 295x2? XD
Why is everyone voting for 970? It's not high-end, and there's that well known 3.5gb limitation.
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Pascal is also going to be akin to a Tock from intel, a major, drastic architecture changex hbt memory, and a die shrink. If the 970 isnt smashed by pascal, then we have a serious issue.
You are just confirming my argument and shooting your own in the foot. Who's gonna waste money on a crippled 970 which is gonna be replaced by a "smashingly" better bang for the buck Pascal in less than a year?
Boop! Really should be a way to search products by shipping. UK all the way, boop!
my brother works at EVGA. They dont even offer any kind of employee discount. He always buys from retail stores because he can get it cheaper than from EVGA.
Hopefully Sapphire and Gigabyte will be more giving.
It's not happening is it
Well here is the voting link for the AMD Graphics Cards:
This makes me sad...
They've said multiple times that Graphics cards wont work on massdrop, as well as most computer parts. There simply isn't enough margin that can be cut, apparently.
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For components like GPU's and other electronics, the margins are actually very high for the manufacturer. If you look at sites such as electronics360, when they do semiconductor BOM costs, you will see things like even super high end CPU's such as the core i7 4790K only costing about $3 taking into account common yields and labor costs.
The high prices for GPU's and CPU's are based on the company figuring out the highest price that the market will take, in addition to ensuring that they cover the R&D costs as quickly as possible before the product becomes obsolete, thus providing the maximum net profit for the company.
In terms of inching closer to covering R&D and profiting over BOM+ labor. if Nvidia wanted, they could make a GTX 980 in house and sell it for $50, and they would still make a large profit.
Furthermore, if they have already sold enough to cover the R&D, then pretty much any price above BOM+ manufacturing, will be a profit for them.
Depending on the negotiating power of massdrop, they should be able to reach out to nvidia at least for reference cards, and unlock a "low" price of $250 for the GTX 970, especially considering that it is a card that is having trouble selling due to nvidia lying about some of the hardware and software limitations of the GPU.
I'm just saying what they have mentioned in the past. I have no insider knowledge on the margin of these sorts of products.