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Hey everyone,
I am going to close this poll early as it is unlikely that we will be able to offer these high-end Swiss watches at this time. We will focus on segments where more of the community will be able to join in. Thanks for voting and I'll make sure to focus on sourcing other community identified products!
Realistically, what kind of discount do yall think will be negotiated for these? I know the markup in jewelry is quite high, but these companies have a vested interest in protecting their price structure and perceived value. (High-end watches are arguably Veblen goods.)
So what does the Massdrop Brain Trust think?
I'd like to see the deal made available for the Tudor Black Bay
If it's a good deal I'd buy the omega Aqua terra 150.
i just stuck a couple Oris watches on the list...
they are good quality Swiss watches (based of etc movements) and at the lower end of the spectrum have a look for others..
...those of us that already have the others. It is by far not the most expensive here. This list is more of a mid-end Swiss Automatic.
This current watch is ~$8000. How many people on massdrop are ACTUALLY willing to spend $8000 or so on a watch? Serious question.