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OnePlus X Smartphone

OnePlus X Smartphone

Hey everyone, we can't do a smartphone right now, I've tried every avenue and there's unfortunately no one that can give us pricing that makes sense. I am in contact with the One Plus people via email, and we might be able to work with them in a few months, but not right now.
I'll re-open this poll in the future when we can get something listed.
Why not more votes for the 64gb 1+1?
I do want to update everyone and let them know that I haven't heard back from OnePlus, and there is essentially no chance that Apple or Google (Asus) will be doing a drop with us. I'm closing this poll at the end of this week if I don't hear back from them, so don't get your hopes too high.
Would HTC be willing to do such a drop if OnePlus and Google/LG won't?
That I can actually ask! It's a slim chance, but there might be something I can do.
Is the Nexus 5 version D821 or D820 ?
Couldn't say. If the deal was worked out, Massdrop would probably place the orders /after/ receiving them so that people around the world got the right phone for them.
Damn... We probably won't be able to get the oneplus one
Can we just make this a normal poll and not a Android vs Apple vs Windows Phone vs Blackberry flame war? These polls are like brainstorming - no negative thoughts allowed. Just vote.
+1 thank you. There is no need for this... everywhere.
There is no flame war. To qualify as one, there would have had to be genuine hostility like insult flinging. It isn't present. People can have civil conversations on Massdrop. That's kind of the nature of the website: discuss what could, would, and should be eligible for a drop. It's a community, so you're inevitably going to deal with disagreements. Nothing wrong with that.
Sh*t double posted the OnePlus One, some one delete it for me. Obviously I am all for the OnePlus One
Nexus 5 Please
How is the Sony Z2 not winning this?!
Is a group buy of the OnePlus One even possible? The first batch is going to be limited FWIR, and after that you need an invite to buy it.
I heard that OPPO owns a lot of One Plus
I reached out to One Plus last week and they said no, however there is now a poll with hundreds of you voting to help our case, so we will see what they have to say! I'll post updates here in this thread.
I don't understand why apple is on this list, I thought it was high end?
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Dude, please just stop.
That doesn't make sense. Where is your evidence to support such a claim? Point to me any instances of Apple ever marketing their phones exclusively towards professionals, while I point you to the Apple YouTube channel. Assuming you mean the camera, then photo filters do not a professional make.
More to the point, who is to say that a company that makes professional products cannot make consumer products? Asus is one example. They make monitors and computer hardware designed for use by professionals, as well as for consumers such as PC gamers. Logitech is another example. As is Samsung. Yet Apple gets this label because... well, as far as I can tell, because of "reasons."
If Apple sold only Mac Pros, you'd have a point. If they specifically marketed their products to professionals only, you'd have another. But as it stands, I can shoot down both of these arguments easily. Even if someone inevitably makes the strawman accusation, I genuinely cannot see why anyone would draw the erroneous conclusion that Apple is solely dedicated to professional users.
Not that that matters, anymore. You could say that about anything and someone would agree with you. I use Windows and so do professionals. So what?
I would love a slightly discounted 32GB Nexus 5, in any color. I've been looking to get one for a while now.
gimme that oneplus baybeh!
Yes, a OnePlus One would be amazzzzinnnggggg. I think you don't even need a price drop, not having to get an 'invite' would be good enough.
I would love the one plus, but it is only on T-Mobile and AT&T (out of necessity)...both carriers don't have LTE service where I am, they barely have 3g. That is a deal breaker, I would drop $350 all day for a phone that came out of the box running Cyanogenmod! The best ROM I have used, and I don't have to do anything?! Yes please! If it was on VZW, no questions asked, done deal; as it stands, no thanks... :C
also wouldn't consider the iphone "high end"
There's no need to start trouble like that, you knew that someone would get worked up by that so why would you say it.
I highly doubt that we will be able to get a drop on any apple product. They tightly control all supplies of the product etc.