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Now Available!

Thanks to NFraser for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Corsair Survivor Stealth 256GB Flash Drive available.

BrianDrop Buyer

Corsair Survivor Stealth 256GB Flash Drive

Corsair Survivor Stealth 256GB Flash Drive

That iso stick looks really useful. :O
The Sandisk Extreme 64 GB has the best specs/price ratio!
Hey guys - I've disabled both DataTraveler options as Kingston has needed much higher quantities in the past. Also their margins are pretty thin as is. That said, we'll look into the others in here and will post back.
Why is everyone trying to get a deal on a USB 2.0 64GB thumb drive that only costs $37 on Amazon. How much do you expect to actually get off the price? Why don't you just buy it... This is supposed to be for "High End USB Drives". USB 2.0 at about $0.50/GB is not what I would consider high end. Or good at all for that matter...
What I am looking for is a drive that can take a beating and survive.
The SE9 is one of my favorites, but I'm with you on USB 3.0. I would be all over something with that design that was USB 3.
The DataTraveler SE9 looks great and seem practical but it's not USB 3.0.
With flash drives as cheap as they are now it seems like it would be kinda silly to get a non-usb3.0 version. Especially when some of them like that Patriot can have read speeds of 200MB/s or so.
I agree.