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Now Available!

Thanks to Amafan for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - TM26 available.

IsaacDrop Buyer

Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - TM26

Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - TM26

God, not the Torch. That thing's horribly focused, runs too hot, empties its batteries way too fast, and lost a throw competition to a thousand-lumen (generously) Roar of the Pelican modded maglite with a stippled reflector.
Btu shocker is an amazing light. Srsly
The EAX is different from all others, it uses AA batteries. Really not in the same class as all the others, but is currently leading. Would be a better result if it was in a group of similar high end AA lights.
Thanks for letting me know. I have Led Lenser, Fenix and Nitecore lights. All are good in their own right. Anyway this poll could be featured? I need to get it some more visibility
I would recommend sharing it on r/flashlights or CPF to see if you can get some more people interested.
Good luck!
We have some TMs from Nitecore coming to the office soon. Stay tuned and keep sharing :).
The intent of this poll is to produce a drop for high output flashlights ( torches). If you are looking for a standard flashlight there are already a number of polls running.