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Old poll but nonetheless... I own quite a few of these knives (including many of the ESEE knives) and in my opinion the Busse, Swamp Rat and Survive Knives are in a whole different league compared to the rest of the options. The SRKW Ratmandu CG is an awesome knife at a reasonable cost. I have it and the ESEE 6 and while they are both excellent knives I would recommend spending a couple more dollars and getting the Ratmandu.
I think it's safe to say the ESEE5 won this round. When do we get the drop?!
This poll is 3 years old. The ESEE5 has dropped twice since the poll started, along with several other ESEE fixed blades.
Hit "Request" on this guy:
Done! Much obliged.
This poll needs more choices.
Form my viewpoint, the problem is the scope is too broad. There are too many "different classes" involved. A bushcraft knife has requisites different from a "tactical" one. Both can excel in their fields but they do not overlap
Massdrop x Bark River would be awesome! They have fantastic camping knives.
Love Survive! Knives. Great steel options. Contoured handles. Removeable/replaceable handles. Good sheaths. Can't go wrong.
No Bradford 'Guardian'?
Wow this poll was a little over the top. I counted at least 4 types of blades. I think this got away from us.
ESEE 5 is one thick slab of metal. Honestly, too thick to be a practical survival/camp knife. I own one and would never hike with it. I leave it in the truck. I have an ESEE 3 and Izula II, I love them. Next purchase from ESEE will be a 6 to replace the 5.
You can not go wrong with ease. I have the 3mil. Best edc I've owned.
Same here for the esee 6 started a poll but did it in the ultra light guess I should have put it here.
Leggo, let's get it going
I have an Essee 5 and the Gransfors small forest axe. You can not buy better both are top flight. You can baton all day with the Essee 5 and still have a paper cutting edge at nite. With the Essee and Bruks all you need is a Silky folding saw( they are the best you can buy) and you are set. I want an Essee 3 next.
The Spyderco Jumpmaster 2 will be coming out soon, wonder if we can have a drop on this ;
if massdrop will do a esee 5 drop I'd buy instantly.
plz plz vote drop esee 5 best fixed blade out there under 200$ was planning on buying this before the drop and now its here!
Just put up two DPx Gear fixed blades, the DPx HEST II Woodsman and DPx HIT Cutter. Check them out!
Would definitely buy again the newest version of the seal pup elite (non-serrated ) with the kydex holster! Its an awesome lightweight knife and it holds great against the elements. The one i had before got lost while rafting :(