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"high quality flashlights" lol
I would like to point out that the I've been using an Anker Bolder for a few months and it's been the best flashlight I've ever owned. Integrated charging circuit, just plug in micro USB after unscrewing tailcap or easily swap out the standard 18650 lithium. Seriously the best flashlight I've ever owned.
really? a so called 2000 lm cheap zoomable light is leading? really? Got to be a error, right guy? guys? guys? There must be more people know about flash light in EDC community right? Come on now....
Echo the comments on the lousy light with 241 votes - it isn't branded so who knows what it is. It should not be in the poll, the quality is questionable on the light and the batteries beside it are potentially dangerous. It is the worst light of all those shown.
the zebra lights are quality lights as are many of the others listed.
I'd love to see some more Maratac lights... Maybe the Brass AAA or stainless... probably a different category but they are great lights
Hey HappyHounds, just in case you missed it, we have dropped the Maratac Copper AAA flashlight before. We are working to get another drop going for it and are looking into offering the polished stainless steel version as well. Keep your eyes peeled! If you're interested in the copper version hit the request button to be notified when the drop goes live.
As far as the flashlights in this poll, we will look into it and see what we can get going. Thanks for voting everyone!
Thanks I got in the last drop. I'm just waiting for it to come back.
Why are people voting for a shitty under driven chinese light that is a zoomie? Its output is inflated by so much!!
Ultrafire is only good for making...ultra fires. Don't even get me started on that charger or the heat dissipation of the light.
Why would you put an Ultrafire in a poll titled "High Quality Flashlights?"
Shame the light with the most votes is probably the worst one and one where a drop is rather pointless. I need a new edc torch and would jump on a drop for something like the PD35.
Olight just announced the S30R, the smallest 1k lumen tested by humans flashlight I have found..
3.8" 1,100 lumens but no information on throw.
it'll be 200m mac due to the small reflector and the OP surface
Good to see more people voted for the Streamlight Strion, hope it wins!
Would the Prometheus BetaQR v2 be qualified? I really hope the copper one comes to massdrop....
it did come on here quite some time ago!
The 2000 Lumen light does not belong in this category.
I agree! Its a low quality budget light and it can't even put out half of 2000 lumens.
There's definitely information asymmetry here, or people just have poor taste.