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Astell&Kern is definitely overrated and overpriced comparing to HiFiMan
HM901 beats AK240 for sure
The new Pioneer XDP-300R is even slightly better than the more expensive Onkyo DP-X1, IMHO
How about Teac HA-P90SD? Anyone tried it?
Ak jr ;)
有AK有噓... 客服從不回信...(也不盡然... 唯一回過一封是我不耐煩直接用中文詢問被回左轉大陸客服...)這種精品價位流當品服務品質很睏很睏... 滿街棄嬰... Massdrop結標還能不出貨... 睏到我冬眠去了... Zzz...
If Rockbox doesn't support it, I don't want it.
AK240 Top top top..Very expensive ;-(
AK (all models) aren't worth the asking price, so there should be lots of room for discounts. The ZX2 is better value for similar performance, only knock is no true balanced out. And the Hifiman has the new 901S out, forget the old model
Lets make this happen guys... AK100 ii for the win!
What does "legendary" sound like? Old?
I prefer the Astell & Kern AK100II High Resolution player. Sound and look are both great.
You will instantly fall in love with the sound quality of the HM901
Vote for the HM901... it sounds LEGENDARY in comparison to the AK100 II and AK120 II