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May 22, 2015
i own the monoprice glass panel pro 27" 1440p.
i think i payed $379 2 years ago.
for the money, you can't go wrong with this. these are basically the same panels as the ones you find on Apple screens with minor defects such as backlight bleed. but as far as screen quality, i couldn't be happier.
i went with the glass pro because of hdmi and displayport. i have a ps4 hooked up to this.
here's my quick review:
-1440P IPS 27" for less than $400 -incredible image quality, very crisp. -plenty of connection options DVI, HDMI, Display port -Built-in speakers -did i mention cheap?
-Huge bezel, also looks cheap as hell. but who cares? -glass panel is very prone to glare. -Very dificult to clean, glass panel has minimal coating. fingerprints all over, try not to touch screen. -OSD menu is extremelly barebones. -Minimal adjustments as far as options. -Response time is slightly higher than DVI only models (i knew this before buying). will notice some tearing during FPS games. but i play RPGs mostly, so no issue for me.
all in all, i would definitelly buy this again if i was on a budget.
May 22, 2015
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