I've had my eye on the Moment product line for some time now. My heart flutters when I think of owning a Moment wide lens plus the Moment battery case with built-in shutter release button….sigh! I've owned Mophie Juice packs in the past including the one with the built-in hard drive so the increase in phone thickness is not an issue for me. I've also used surface mount iPhone lenses in the past, some cheap, some not so cheap but overall they are fun to use and can help create great images. I would love to pull the trigger and pre-order the Moment battery case for my iPhone 7 directly from the Moment website but it's this whole pre-order thingy thats keeping me on the sideline. The iPhone user base is poised to upgrade to the iPhone 7s, 7sPlus or perhaps an iPhone 8 if released and Moment hasn't even gotten the iPhone 7 compatiable battery case out of the gate yet. I think this happened once before with Moment products for the iPhone 6 and 6s being late to the party. My cellular plan allows me to upgrade to the newest iPhone (when released) for a small fee and I will most likely be switching from the iPhone 7 to the 7s. With Moments history of delayed product delivery dates and lack of product cross compatiablilty, I may never end up with a Moment lens mounted to my iPhone unless I'm willing to skip an iPhone upgrade cycle.
iPhone 6!