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To be honest sound wise there are a lot of better options than the se215. It's kinda overrated now. For the same price range or less you could get stuff like the audio technical im70/50, Kinera Seed, however the shures still win in design comfort and fit.
I realy want the xb90ex, famous for the MONSTER BASS and nowadays is really expensive (400$ by some sellers in Amazon or Ebay) considering its release price. I'd be pleased to have them :""(
I really need a very cheap earbud with a built-in microphone. I'm gonna use it for both gaming and music. Kinda a daily drive earbud. Does anyone suggest sth like that? Price should be max. 25-30$.
This took so long that i just bought them on amazon. I am pleased with my buy
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Thanks to everyone who voted!
This went a lot better than I expected. :P
Can we massdrop a special edition Shure SE215, like make them do a purple one or a silver one or something crazy like a massdrop edition SE215
Lol ya that would sick
Have the RHA MA750, they sound great but they're heavy (due to the stainless steel), clunky and not the most comfortable as the over ear wire isn't memory wire. The spring coil straight-jack isn't the best if you're a plug into phone in pocket to listen while walking type.
Hi @AznEyes,
The endorsement number just referrs to total number of "likes" anyone's postings have garnered. There are a handful of members, in each community, that seem to be pretty knowledgable about the products. They're usually easy to spot on the specific product's discussion board. If you want general product specific advice, they're probably the ones to go to. If you want info about how MD might handle a Drop of the item, you can contact
I know a little bit about the SE215 model as I own a pair of the model immediately before these came out. Mine are well made, deliver excellent quality audio with effective noise isolation. The SE 215s are frequently dropped, very popular and competitively priced. The current model (SE215) seems to enjoy a similarly esteemed reputation in terms of audio quality.
If you want a "special" email notice when these come around again, @ZALHERA is right. Requesting a previously successful Drop is usually a simpler and more fruitful endeavor than starting a new poll. MD already has a source for the IEMS, so they don't need to reinvent the wheel on this one. MD also knows it will be, mostly likely, a successful Drop.
Although the recurrence of past Drops doesn't necessarily predict the frequency or likelihood of future drops, it could give you an estimate. The best way to figure this out is to browse the back pages of the Drop's discussion.
UPDATE/EDIT: This post was significantly edited to avoid redundancy and repeating myself. ;-)
Hope that helps.
Fine print: The usual.
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Thanks for reading it as intended: as something to help you find what you're looking for most effectively. You might be heartened to know that they really are quite popular, so making the poll and getting a good response is not surprising at all.
Older Drops are sometimes buried in the "previous successful drops" section, so finding what you're looking for can be a bit of a challenge.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time on Massdrop, if you have an idea for a poll that seems reasonable but hasn't yet been explored, definitely make it into a poll. They love 'em ... or so I've been told. :-)
Please don't add choices to polls that have already dropped since you can request a redrop on their drop page instead. The Havi B3 pro and the SE215 (both regular and blue versions) were already sold on Massdrop before. :)
You can try using the search bar for an item next time before adding them to a poll. This way, polls can be focused on drops that haven't happened yet!
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Ahah, I don't actually know much about IEMs. I'll leave that to you guys.
oh ok :D
I see a lot of people are interested in the Shure SE215 black and white models. Keep in mind there is a really sick blue model that sounds just the same. If you are looking for something flashier and sexier, but still want the sound of the 215's, go for the Blue Shure SE215 for sure!
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