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Thanks everyone for your votes and comments but Massdrop decided not to accept the product :(
Awesome! This has been by far, not only the best Kickstarter project I have ever backed but the after release news has been amazing. A discounted Division Furtive product would be great, but in truth I am so happy with my Type 50, I am just keen for the next iteration, dicount or not! :)
Great looking watch and very nice guy above all. Let's go Gabriel be famousb
Hello world, this is Gabriel, independent watchmaker at Division Furtive in Montreal, Canada. Feel free to ask questions here, I'll be happy to answer them promptly. Thanks.
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The first KS campaign in 2012 was for the Type 46 (electro-mecanical) and Type 40 (orange LED version in plastic case). The second campaign was last november with the Type 50 (all-in version of the Type 40 with white LEDs and PVD-coated metal casing + sapphires). Both Type 46 and Type 40 are now out of production. Main focus right now is on Type 50.
During the last KS campaign, I wrote a small bio "how I became an e-watchmaker". You can read it here:
Nice to see the type 50 on massdrop, hope it is a major succes and that the next type is smaller so i can finnally get one :)