Feb 6, 2015
you really need to optimize the voting system regarding pens... since every drop always include every (if not most) nibsize and most colors of a specific pentype.
it's pretty annoying with these drops where there are over or around 200 votes for a pen but they're spread out over different nibsizes/colors etc.
Same with the paper drops.. It's a little confusing
Feb 6, 2015
Feb 6, 2015
Hey @CharlieD,
We're working on some ways to improve the poll structure, but eliminating duplicates while leaving the system open for members to create most any kind of poll is a tough balance to strike.
Just to clarify, 200 votes is a general guideline, and applies to the total votes in a poll - not the number of votes for a single item. More importantly, actual human beings like me watch the poll voting, and we generally count all votes for the same or similar items toward one total.
We also try to help by adding or disabling options to broaden or narrow the focus of a poll on a good comparison of brands, models or styles. Thanks for taking time to post, and for making the best of the system while we work to make it better.
Last but not least, I just spoke with the vendor at a tradeshow this weekend and we're going to try and make this possible, but it's not anywhere near a definite thing right now.
Feb 6, 2015
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