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Black Otaku link is 404
I wish Massdrop could get someone to make a doubleshot backlit PBT set in SA profile.
Black Otaku link broken.
It's interesting to see what we used to think was cool.
Ill take anything in SA profile.
Cream cheese and green is currently available in SA profile at
The cherry replicas look sick!
I'd really love some thicc blank iso pbts in black
Make Penumbra great again. Guys.
Penumbra boys, let's go.
i honestly dont know why there are keysets on this poll that have not been for sale for quite some time or never voing to be sold retail ever again.
ANSI Layout Keycaps please :(
When has there ever been a drop or even produced set without ANSI as standard? Everything is ANSI..
Gosh we need Raindrop drop :D
Is there any place I can just buy the charred orange set at retail? That's just the color scheme and quality I think I could use on a main keyboard.
Why 1976 set fall so far behind? I knew it have been droped before but a lot of people still want one
I would love to see another GMK Hyperfuse drop. I'm still kicking myself for not buying it the first time.
I would love to see Topre options beyond what's on ebay and at elitekeyboards, especially modifier sets that fit the HHKB2Pro.
Try to add this: but failed to summit.
If the Black Otaku set gets a drop, is there a possibility for a 6.25u spacebar option? I don't have any keyboards that can use a 7u spacebar.
Want to see a reissue of Penumbra -- PBT would be great, but would settle for ABS.
when will the drop be expected to start?
Seriously! Some people have no taste. These and the burt orange caps from Originative. They would make the perfect drop because the retail price is crazy high.
I'd really like to see the Ducky engraved but not infilled pbt caps on here.
Ans chances to have a nice ISO set?
why are people voting for granite. a drop literally just ended, and it is the second one in like 6 months.
My bad
Is the black otaku going to drop soon?
Oh man oh man galaxy guise....GALAXY!
Penumbra is gorgeous.
Those Galaxy class look sweet, please make it so
I would like to see the following:
1. Dye-sub PBT sets for Topre.
2. Dye-sub PBT or doubleshot ABS sets for Alps/Matias.
3. Dye-sub PBT for Cherry mx.
I like blank black PBT keycaps to use as modifiers and blue or off-white with black or blue legends for the alphanumeric keys.
Any chance we could get more UK layout cap sets? or at least the option at checkout?