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Now Available!

Thanks to Plexar for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the KMC Perfect Fit Sleeves (12x100-Pack) available.

CameronDrop Buyer

KMC Perfect Fit Sleeves (12x100-Pack)

KMC Perfect Fit Sleeves (12x100-Pack)

I'd rather JUST have a drop for the perfect fits.
Yeah I just noticed, I don't care about the other sleeve combo.
:p We need bulk perfect fits! I want to pay 3$ per 100 sleeves. :p Vote please.
Yes please, would love a huge amount of the perfect fits(basically everything but my bulk cards need to be sleeved)
.. wouldnt mind getting a set of non black hyper mattes either, mostly to have a variety for my decks
the blue ones look almost black they are so dark.
I have a couple blue ones that I acquired from trading and I personally use the black ones, in the right lighting you can't tell the difference. In most places with decent over head lights, though, you CAN easily tell the difference.
Yes please and international shipping