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Now Available!

Thanks to paultyoung for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Rhodia Webnotebook (3-Pack) available.

LizDrop Buyer

Rhodia Webnotebook (3-Pack)

Rhodia Webnotebook (3-Pack)

Also this was added to the other Moleskine group buy. That poll/buy is for the smaller size, this is for the legal size or bigger ones.
The Moleskin has terrible, shoddy paper quality. If you care to use fountain pens, then the Moleskin is not reccomended at all. The Leuchturmm 1917, has better paper quality than the Moleskin and it has a space for a table of contents, and its pages are numbered.
I picked up some of the Pocket Leuchtturm notebooks and I love the little extras it has. I have a Large Moleskine for everyday use and it's pretty good but something about the Leuchtturm just feels better.
Wow, that was a huge pique in interest! I had been looking for other options but it seems people really like the Moleskines.