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Now Available!

Thanks to dpill for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the ErgoTech Freedom Arms (Standard, Heavy Duty, Wall) available.

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ErgoTech Freedom Arms (Standard, Heavy Duty, Wall)

ErgoTech Freedom Arms (Standard, Heavy Duty, Wall)

Congratulations everyone, we actually got exactly the monitor arm that you voted for! We love being able to deliver the top product in the polls, so please keep voting for the stuff you want!
Hey everyone,
You can snag the ErgoTech Freedom Arm right now at We'll also continue trying to get some of these other great options up on the page in the future.
Thanks, Alex
I'd prefer the tried and true Ergotron LX series. Dual stacking comes with alaptop cradle if you choose to use it. 10 year warranty and based on their product sheet the product is made in the U.S. and their headquarters are stateside as well.
I have two of the VIVO V001B Arms in my office. Works great, bought them off of Amazon.
Is this still in the works? I'd like to know if it fell through
Hey Everyone,
Good news! I just spoke with Annette at VIVO tech and we had a great conversation. From the sounds of it, VIVO Tech is very interested in working with the community and hopefully we'll be able to move forward with a listing in the next couple weeks.
I'll post updates as more information becomes available,
So should I order these from Amazon or keep on waiting?
How about a triple monitor option?
Hey Everyone, I'm on this, we did the freedom arm but Ergotech ran out of stock so we're finding more to launch and this poll is full of great looking options.
I'll post updates here as information comes in.
LX specs (per Newegg):
LCD Size: <=24" Capacity: 7–20 lbs / 3.1–9.1 kg Lift: 13" / 33 cm Tilt: 80° Pan: 360° Rotation: 360° P/L VESA: MIS-D
Extends LCD up to 25" (64 cm); push your display out of the way when not in use
13" (33 cm) height range meets the ergonomic needs of more than nine out of ten adults
Arm folds back over the base into a compact retracted position; perfect for tucking under systems furniture storage shelves or cabinets in space constrained areas
Improved LX Arm Features & Benefits
Polished aluminum construction offers greater durability and enhanced aesthetics. Arm folds back over the base into a compact retracted position; perfect for tucking under systems furniture storage shelves or cabinets in space constrained areas
Snap-fit cap secures interface of arm to extension for greater stability. Clamp and grommet mount base ensures greater stability of display and arm; also includes theft deterrent anchor holes for cable locks
Mounting Options: Desk Clamp attaches to surface edge .4" to 2.4" (10 to 60 mm) thick; Grommet Mount attaches through surface holes .31" to 2" (8 to 50 mm) wide and up to 3" (76 mm) thick
Mounting Standards: VESA FDMI MIS-D, 100/75, C (hole pattern: 100 x 100 mm & 75 x 75 mm)
I would love to purchase two more Ergotron LX's. I have one at the office and it's a solid piece I can just take for granted will be there for me. Holds a Monoprice 27" Zero-G 2560x1440 IPS, usually extended 2' from the pedestal, without complaint.
I frequently re-position throughout the day, and nothing has gotten weak in two years of use. Even if it did, tension can be re-adjusted.
Having used the LX, I'm not interested in the Vivo arm. I've not seen the Vivo in person, but it resembles the Ergotron 45-174-300 Neo-Flex LCD Arm, which I found generally unsatisfying since it does not have the range of the LX.
Not sure which one is the best, but I'm actually in the market for one of these right now, so definitely +1
How universal are these arms, particularly the Ergotron? In other words, can it be installed into pretty much any desk/table?
Pretty much any desk via a clamp or if there isn't an area for the clamp mount most have drill mounts where you use a washer bolt and wing nut
I've got an Ergotron LX dual stacking arm. It comes with two mounting options - an adjustable clamp that fits over the edge of the desk (not sure the max thickness of the desk, but I'd guess anything 2.5" thick or less would be no problem) and another that allows you to mount through a hole (such as the common cord hole, or something similar you could drill yourself. When I was laid up with a broken leg, I mounted it to the coffee table and worked from the couch for 3 months. Two other points about the Ergotron - it can be used in a stacked configuration or a side by side configuration, and I've used it with standard 23" monitors as well as ultra-wide 29" monitors.
After 1 day we are doing well - just 151 more votes. Keep it up guys and get other people here!
Myself and a lot of people I work with use Ergotron LX's, if you have any questions feel free to ask. I think it's a great mount.
We have installed the Ergotron LX in over a dozen multi-monitor setups and it is absolutely superb. The available add-ons & extensions are really nice as well. IMHO, the best bang for your buck on quality & expected lifespan over competitors where springs & tension tend to deteriorate through time.
The Vivo gets solid reviews from Amazon users, yet it is the one brand we have not tried so I cannot comment. After going through so many issues with other brands, we never looked past the Ergotron again.
Nice - +1 vote. Thanks for your help & spread the word.
I'd highly recommend that we vote for the V001B arm - it has a lower cost and is very similar in functionality to the arm at Ergotron. If we all got together on this one I'm sure we could bring the price way down... Plus Vivo Technology is a US company.