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I'd much rather get a large set than a small set or individual piece. The savings are already better even at msrp, but if we could get a deal, so much the better.
Would definitely prefer single pieces over set.
I bought my wife the Staub La Cocotte for christmas, and its got a quality that significantly surpasses the La Creuset. The enameling feels higher quality, its got a better balance and weight, and seems to have a more even heating.
Just my 2¢
Bump for a reply/drop on this, since it hit the 200 vote threshold...
I added the 6 3/4 QT oval pot. If your going to spend that much on an french oven I would suggest getting the one that can accommodate more than 2-3 people .
11 3/4" skillet makes life better. I have one that I use for EVERYTHING. From poaching eggs to caramelizing onions. No hot spots (great heat distribution), easy clean, withstand hot enough to sear.
Massdrop Folk checking in. We're going to look into this for everyone. We don't have extensive contacts in the Kitchenwares world, but we'll do our best and let you know!
Thanks Mark for getting this onto a front burner for us, much appreciated. :-) I hope we hear more from you soon!
Mark, Any word on this drop going any where? It's been a few months since we've heard anything.
I was wondering where the original poster got the first three prices from? I did some checking because the price of the set didn't look right to me, as I had recently priced these out for a wedding gift. According to the Le Cruset website the French Round is $280 (links to the higher price at Le Crucet) the 5 PC set is $424.99 (was $530. That product link is broken but I am giving price from MFG) and the 11 3/4" Skillet is $180.00. ( link goes to MFG website and higher price) Not a very accurate poll if the prices aren't correct, especially the difference in the cost of the set.
Thanks for researching this blueturtle19. I'm guessing the prices have increased since the poll was started -- which was at least "433 days ago" at this point (from the notation on chelming's comment above).
I've seen votes on this poll steadily increase since I joined Massdrop a couple of months ago, but so far there's been no comment posted by the folks in charge even though it's long past the number of votes needed for it.
It would be good to know whether this poll is going to ever go anywhere.
We use a 3 1/2 qt at least once a week (seriously!) both stovetop (soups, chili, ragu, etc.) and in our Cuisinart convection "toaster" oven (with the Le Creuset's handle unscrewed and removed in order to fit) for braising. Depending on how the meats are cut, etc., you can get at least 4 - 6 large adult servings out of it.
If I didn't already have one, I'd add it to the poll.
We also have a 7 1/4 qt that we use, somewhat less often, for roasting 4 - 5 lb birds and for paella.
That 5 piece set is useless. I know, I purchased each piece individually. 3 1/2 qt is too small, the 1 1/4 qt sauce pan is only useful for making candy, and their 11 3/4" skillet would probably see more use than the grill pan for your average person. The 5.5 qt round french oven is probably the best starter piece. Good size for making soup for two and having left overs for lunch or for a party of 8 and big enough for doing any weird baking (no knead breads) or medium size roasts. Next would be the 11 3/4" skillet because it's simply amazing.