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@Massdrop, any plans for another drop of low-end audiophile headphones?
Hey guys check out the Brainwavez HM5
and the Jaycar Headphones
The Sony MDR-MA900 would be a great pic for budget (MSRP $299) high-end gaming headphones.<br /><br />The soundstage and imaging is superb because of the massive 70mm drivers.<br /><br />It helps with games where you need to determine which direction something is coming from.<br /><br />They're also extreeeeemely light for having earpads this large, which makes them comfortable for many hours of extended wear.<br /><br />Check out the threads and reviews. It's gotten rave reviews.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Hello Everyone! <br /><br />We're glad to offer the SoundMAGIC HP100 as a low end audiophile headphone. Between this and the previous X1 buy, hopefully we've sated your need for Low-end Audiophile Headphones. <br /><br />Thanks for your votes! Keep letting us know what you're interested in and we'll keep doing our best to get you connected with those companies. <br /><br />In addition, if you're interested in headphones beyond the X1 and HP100, feel free to tweet at the manufacturers, post on their facebook walls, make your interest known! <br /><br />Looking forward to the next headphone poll : )
I'm surprised to see the HP100 being offered, especially after I read about the 200-unit MOQ. I am glad to see it though. I did get in on the Fidelio X1 deal, so I have to think hard about whether to spend more for the HP100. Real tempting though.
@earplug <br /><br />Yup, we used to have a 200 unit MOQ. Good news is that, with the growth of the community, we've been able to renegotiate with some manufacturers. <br /><br />Hope you enjoy both those headphones!
I'm Definitely interested in the Fidelio X1's as well. :D
Hello Everyone! <br /><br />Good news and bad news. Bad news is that the DT770 Pro 80ohm is discontinued, MOQ (minimum order quantity) for the SoundMAGIC HP100 is ~200 units, Sennheiser isn't interested in working with the group, and Sony's prices aren't good enough to make a drop possible.<br /><br />Good news is that we've successfully sourced the Philips Fidelio X1. We can list it for $189 + Shipping if you're interested. It's a really impressive headphone according to the reviews we've read on amazon and head-fi so let us know if you're interested. We can launch the buy within a couple hours of your confirmation. <br /><br />Let us know and we'll make it happen : D
I'm interested in the Fidelio X1's
@Malcolm <br /><br />We should be able to run them again in early september so stay tuned! In the mean time, we've got another exciting headphone to offer you.
How long until the voting is over?
Maybe there would be more room to negotiate the price on the DT770 32 Ohm?
Why are there so many headphones way above the $200 limit?
I am pretty interested in the Soundmagics. <br /><br />@ Will curious to see if you guys reached out to the company. I wonder if they would be willing to give a good discount given they are only sold through third-party re sellers here in the U.S and have no other distribution.
I'm also interested in the SoundMAGIC HP100. I've read a lot of good things about these headphones over at head-fi. I was thinking of buying them on Amazon, but would get them here instead at a discount. I think SoundMAGIC is a smaller company with limited exposure here in the US. Might be easier to work with than with the bigger companies.
+1 for SoundMAGIC HP100
Who else is interested in the SoundMagic HP 100?
credibility, and then the look isn't THAT good
The m50 can often be gotten for $120 here<br />it used to go as low as $100, but it seems to have raised in price in response to high demand.Currently it's $119 after the rebate. So i think you'd have to do better than $129.
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They used to be some of the best cans for the money back in the day. For $100 they were damn hard to beat. They are pretty lacking in detail, and are pretty bass heavy. I got my first pair of open cans a few months ago, AT ad900's, which are totally on the opposite end of the spectrum. A bit lacking in the bass, but the soundstage and detailing is way above the m50's. I don't think i'll go back to closed cans any time soon.
ad900 is inferior to fidelio x1 from my audition. i bought the ad900 after my dismay on the he500 after being one of the first reader on the first day of Davidmahler's post, I even shared it on some other forums first.<br /><br />i have about 50 hours on ad900 and 150 on fidelio x1.
Hello Everyone! <br /><br />In a sudden and exciting turn of events, we may be able to offer the Audiotechnica M50 for ~$129 to your door in america. Is that something you'd be interested in? <br /><br />We're working on the DT770s but none of the prices we've got would be worth offering. Same goes for the Sony headphones. Sennheiser isn't interested in working with you right now. We're still talking with Shure but no word so far. <br /><br />Let us know what you think of that M50 price and we'll do our best to get it launched!
Thats about ~$20 discount. They are a great set of cans.
MSRP is $300 on the K550, but it is $250 on amazon, steadily. AKG likes to market high, but sell low.
I added the AKG K550. I don't know how it wasn't there earlier.
please vote in Studio/DJ Equipment :D<br /><br />of course, studio and dj headphones can be added there as well!
Sennheiser HD-25 II MSRP is $350......
What's with the hate on the ATH-AD700's?
I dont know, they're great cans, apart from the Barney-purple.
When does voting end? I need some new headphones
@Trevor <br /><br />The voting ends once we source a product for the poll or we determine the poll is for a type of item we cant source. <br /><br />Stay tuned for an update on this we've got an option that should fit a lot of your needs.
Vote for the Sound Magic HP100. People on Head-Fi say its a great deal:D
Added three more.
I posted up the Fischer Audio FA-003Ti's. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone do some research on these. Nothing but stellar reviews for the FA-003 and the Ti version is even better due to the flatter and more consistent frequency response. Regardless of how this drop goes I'm buying a pair before I buy a pair of Sennheisers or Beyerdynamics.
Just a quick update - we're working on the DT770s, however the pricing hasn't been too good so far. We've reached out to Shure, however they haven't responded yet (we plan on following up soon). We'll stay on it. In the meantime, keep adding options to the poll that you think would be good fits. Keep in mind that given the groups size, smaller companies work much better than gigantic ones.
@Steve if a lot of people are interested the Sound Magic HP 100 might be good. their a smaller company
Are DT 770's Pro-80's usable by a smartphone, such as the Galaxy S4? I'd like to get them, I voted for them, but I'd like to know if they would even work in that case. I am thinking about getting the portable amp currently bidding as well.
Yes, they would be, but be aware that your smartphone may have a very low-power amp in it, which would certainly affect the performance of the headphones. Getting a portable amp is one way around this, so if you're planning on doing that anyway, go for it.
Yes they are. It'd be preferable to get an external amp, but they can be run well from your smartphone.
Added DT-1350. It's above the range but with enough people maybe it can be under 200.
Hey guys, just posted up the Sound Magic HP 100s. From what I read these seem to be a great value at $200 now, if we got a deal directly with the company, might get an even better deal since we won't have to pay the normal cut distributors take.
The picture of the 7506 is the V6. Same headphone, with different sticker, cable, and warranty, but the picture is still wrong.
why is everyone going with Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Black? from what i read several people experienced comfort issues with them. :P
Is it just me, or is the T50RP priced wrongly? Click "Click to show price"
I just added the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80. As I noted in the description the MSRP is a little higher than the stated range, but I included them in the poll because a) they typically retail for $199 and b) they're amazing. Apologies if the $200 max was meant for MSRP rather than retail.