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so... is this gonna happen or what?
Preferably the D1 Plus or the D2/A1 combo will work for me! Please do either!
For those who are interested in using D1 Plus as an Amp, I just found out that, although the direct button from the old D1 has dissapeared, you can use the volume knob for Line out and Tube Preamp Out by changing moving 2 jumpers (possible noise interferences though) :
I bought the Maverick Tubemagic A1 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier with upgraded Raytheon 6AK5 tubes for MSRP $239. I got it to pair with my JDS Labs ODAC and the Centrance Masterclass 2504 Speakers. The A1 does 40watts per channel for 4ohms so it will go pretty well with the Masterclass 2504.
The reviews of the company on Head-Fi said the Maverick representative spoke English well, and said he was really helpful throughout the whole buying/setup/questions process. I think you want to talk to Ryan? I'm still waiting on all three things to show up though, so can't comment on the actual performance.
And, Posted 5/19/12 By Iciban: "Let me say Ryan was a big help. He answered all my questions and not only that, but really quick too. I received my order in only 3 days, which is really impressive."
Any update? Over a year ago I had contacted Maverick Audio and had a quick response over email. They seemed responsive and open to suggestions.
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My last email from Ryan at Maverick Audio was on 9/20/2012 and came from the address:
My emails are coming from (from Ryan)
I'm working on reaching out to them now, it's actually a bit tricky because they are a Hong Kong based company with no phone number. I'll keep everyone updated as I get more information.
I guess is best to contact them directly via phone, not mail, but you can try calling distributors?
How it's going with contacting Maverick?
How many votes does it need to complete?
7 more votes people! I've been thinking about an A1 for a long time, waiting for a deal. There's headphone amp deals every day on Massdrop, but hardly any amp deals for those of us with passive speakers.
I have a tube magic d2 with a tube and op amp upgrade. If anyone is interested, it's for sale. Email me at Since this drop doesn't seem to be happening.
why you think it won't happen? just 17 more votes, yay! and why are you selling it? what are your thoughts on D2?
Well I wrote the first comment over 5 months ago, not even sure how long this voting process has lasted. Seems like a drop could be happening soon though.
The reason I'm selling is because, while having 2 audio outs (very important to me), a tube buffer and all the inputs I need, I am thinning out my collection. I think its a great and often over looked brand.
Still for sale :)
Hope this happens very soon. I'm planning to buy D1 Plus anyway couse it has everything i need: digital inputs, tube preamp and low cost! Really nice unit. You can also upgrade the sound detail.
Is this going to happen?
Really hope this happens!
You are correct, JohnJohn. <br /><br />Also, the link to their store page works better as there are different versions of the same product for sale with different tubes and such.<br /><br /><br /><br />in case people dont know the difference.<br />Basically D1 is a DAC with an amp built in and the D2 is a standalone DAC.