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I think we should get a price drop on the razor blackwidow keyboard since it is quite expensive and it is really good
When are we going to stop spamming the corsair boards? -.-
What about the G810. Simplistic RGB keyboard, mostly for gaming.
They should do the corsair strafe rgb brown, red or silent.
Do you know about any mechanical keyboards produced in white or at least in grey? I'm tired of black keyboards...
Ducky One's come in a variety of colors.
Why so many votes for the Shine 3, aren't there new and better Duckys?
I have one, but I would rather have Brown or Red switches now.
Isn't the Shine 3 discontinued?
Please help me get the Corsair Strafe RGB MX Blue! I exhausted all efforts to get this to my country and massdrop is my last resort!
Corsair K95 brown switches, that's what we need.
Why the Razer hate? Mine is chugging along like a champ and has been since I got it. Much smoother feel and quieter than the CM Storm, my only other experience with mech keyboards.
I want the k70 so bad TT.TT
Cool, I voted for the G710+! Also make sure to check out some Logitech gaming keyboards over at
The ducky mini is a really great mini sized mechanical keyboard that once you learn the fn-modifiers acts almost like a full sized keyboard.
i currently have 4 mechanical keyboards. i game a lot.
rosewill <--gave to my parents, they love it (mx blue)
Logitech g710 <---(mx red) absolutelly garbage keyboard, do not get hyped over brand.
Razer blackwidow ultimate <---another garbage product. mx red. it just looks pretty.
Max nighthawk x8 with mx brown, currently using. so far the best keyboard i've ever used. but it has some issues, minor but annoying. some keys repeat themselves. also, VERY EXPENSIVE @ $149.99 (all the other keyboards i paid less than $100 from deals).
i'm ready to try another mechanical, and i hear duckys are the ultimate in refined keyboards.
razer blackwidows don't use red switches you daft cunt.
they use their propietary switches, in my case they were closest to red switches.
gee, i know i'm ugly but i never thought i looked like a cunt.
thank you for the compliments tho