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Now Available!

Thanks to ilimanjf for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Fjallraven Barents Parka available.

IanDrop Buyer

Fjallraven Barents Parka

Fjallraven Barents Parka

i'm down for canada goose. never heard of fjallravavava, so no way i'm spending more than $100 for that.
Canada goose on the other hand, i'm very satisfied with. i don't mind dropping $600 for 1 more. i paid $749 for mine, money well spent when compared to North face (latelly, their quality assurance has gone to the toilet).
We've reached out to Canada Goose a few times, but they're currently not opening any more retail channels. I'll check back in a while, but at this time they're not a feasible option unfortunately.
Hey all,
Thanks for voting.
The drop for the Fjallraven Barents Parka is now live! Check it out here:
Hey guys,
The inventory on the Green Barents is pretty low.
I am going to look into a drop with Uncle Blue and add the low inventories of the Green. I'll keep you guys updated about the drop.
Excellent. Very interested in this drop.
I have a fjallraven Arktis parka and the quality is amazing. Barents parka is just as nice and a little lighter weight. Personally think its one of the best parkas out there.
Sweet! Keep us up to date on how the Fjallraven jacket works out as I would love to get one in green!
Good man! I assume because massdrop has had dealings with them before. I was just at Naturkompaniet in Stockholm yesterday to look at them, so I hope this works out!
We contacted Canada Goose soon after the poll reached 200 votes, but haven't heard back. While we are waiting we'll look into the Fjallraven option.
Thanks for voting.
Any update on this yet?
Curious about this as well. Good luck!
I didn't suggest it until over a hundred votes had already been submitted fro the Canada Goose jackets. :-/ Also more people know the Canada Goose brand the Fjallraven.
I wonder why the Canada Goose is so much higher than the Fjällräven