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Now Available!

Thanks to HeroSolomon for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Raspberry Pi Starter Pack available.

AndrewDrop Buyer

Raspberry Pi Starter Pack

Raspberry Pi Starter Pack

It's unfortunate that the Pi is bundled with a bunch of stuff that I neither want nor need - and which more than double the original price...
I would love to see the BeagleBone in a GB. Any idea at what price we would get it. Otherwise I might get one elsewhere.
Hope the Pi drop is successful. I'd really like a see a similar kit offered for the BeagleBone Black with a Logic Supply case.
Hey Guys, the drop for the Raspberry Pi Starter Pack is live: please check it out!
I'd like a Raspy, simply because they're so cheap compared to the rest, but There are quite a few I'd like to see here. The cubies and MARS look interesting.
I'd be on board with pretty much anything. Hopefully a few drops can come of this.
Mars board looks pretty cool. Probably will still get one regardless.
I'm surprised that the cubieboard has so little votes. I have two raspberry pis and from personal experience I find them underpowered for quite a few applications, even constantly over clocked to 1 GHz. The cubieboard has more ram, a faster cpu and other benefits, plus we could actually get a discount on it (the Pi is a charity product).
Wow I had no idea. Much better CPU to use though relatively a good bit more expensive than a Pi. I'd prefer one of these over the Pi after looking at the specs. The only thing I'd be worried about is the distro scene. The Pi has a very strong following now and some solid dev going into it's OS variants.
Cubieboard is a much better one than Pi, but the only problem is that few people know it... And when this poll started, there is no choice of the cubieboard, so few people voted on it.
Put me down for a kit.
How about a few different "themed" kits?
(1) The adafruit kit for all the tinkers and DIYers
(2) One for people who would use the Raspberry Pi as a file/media server and would be plugging in multiple USB devices. So a 4 or 7 port powered usb hub, case, power, etc
(3) A "starter kit" for people who don't have all the necessary cables and cards that a lot of people already have laying around. This would include SD card, cat 5 cable, micro usb cable, power adapter, etc.
(4) A "basic kit", this would be a no frills, just the RSP and very few accessories such as power and case.
I like that idea!
We would ultimately have to decide on one of these themes because having 4 options with different accessories will defeat the purpose of having a GB.
#1 we have it covered
#2 sounds like this: + this:
For #3, this looks like it would foot the bill: minus a cat 5 cable.
#4 would be + RSP.
A kit would be nice, but I suggest that we should take a kit more useful than the Adafruit Kit.
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I just saw an official USB wireless adaptor in the raspberry pi online store, the Edimax EW-7811Un, so I think it maybe useful.
Andy, those things you mentioned in the list are the basic things that everyone needs. As you have mentioned before, we can give the buyers different choices: 1. Basic(which includes the ones you mentioned in the list) 2. Basic + Adafruite kit(For those who want to do some more experiments on Pi) 3. Basic + other kit Etc.
@andy: It is nice but to be honest, I wouldn't need most of the stuff in the Adafruit Kit either because I already have them or wouldn't use it. I am in the market to buy some RSPs, 2 min and 4-5 max. If you went with the Adafruit, I would only consider picking one (two max) up.<br /><br />If you went ErgoDox route, how do you think that would be setup?<br /><br />Completely off topic question for you Andy. I live near PA, any chance I could swing by and pick up my other Massdrop order and save on the shipping :P
I agree, a kit would be very interesting.
Hey Guys,
Great poll, however since Raspberry Pi is a charity, they don't discount their products [1]. We can put together a package deal/starter kit if people are interested. But the cost of the Pi will be pegged at $35. Here is an example:
[1] We’ve got an exclusive distribution arrangement with RS and Farnell; what resellers are doing is buying in bulk from them (which reduces shipping costs to nearly nothing) and selling on. You don’t need any special licence to resell, and they’re very happy to sell on to resellers. Unfortunately, because of the way the pricing model (and the fact that we’re a charity) works, you won’t be able to get a discount for bulk – what most resellers are doing is using it as a way to sell high-margin peripherals and so on. (
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I might be wrong as I watched from a distance, but the "ErgoDox route" refers to this buy:
Basically what happened (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) was the kit was customized both during the voting process (full kit, pcb only, partial kit, etc) and upon checkout (what type of Cherry switches, enclosure, etc). I believe @andy is referring to this type of customization, but that is why I asked him to clarify.
You're right! Something along the lines of... "I'm going to build my own Raspberry Pi Kit, with blackjack and hookers!"
But yeah, Let's make our own custom Massdrop Raspberry Pi Kit. And if we offered just the RSP's by itself, it would not go down in price.
Guys, spread the word!