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Now Available!

Thanks to Tman5293 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Beyerdynamic T1 Audiophile Headphone available.

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Beyerdynamic T1 Audiophile Headphone

Beyerdynamic T1 Audiophile Headphone

I would put money down on the 650's the minute it's up.
Add some photos dude.
For people that want to upgrade the HD 600 cable check out B&H Photo. Absolutely the cheapest price and well worth it.
The Very Important Sennheiser HD 580, HD 600, and HD 650<br /><br /><br /><br />Good read if you have not seen it,
I'm not sure I understand why you would think if the hd600 sold well that the hd650 will sell well too. The same people who bought the hd600 will most likely not buy the hd650. If anything I would sell the hd650 first because that has the most user interest and then offer the hd600 because those who missed out would get something rather than nothing. <br /><br />Why bother voting? <br /><br />I'm with gregg, I will wait or buy on my own the hd650.
Hey there - yes we're definitely aware that they're for different people (I'm planning on buying the 650s as opposed to the 600s). However we still have to work within the preferences of our vendors. In this case, they were more interested in listing the HD600s first and then commenting on the HD650s. We'll definitely keep doing everything we can to get the 650s.
Is the HD600 being done with Sennheiser or another 3rd party?<br /><br />Also, I agree that releasing HD600 before the HD650 is probably a better idea; supposedly the majority of the people out there would find the HD600 a better bang for the buck. Having owned neither, I'd personally buy and test out the 600s before buying the 650.
Steve, or anyone at Massdrop, can you at least ship them with 6.3mm cables? I know they are available from Sennheiser as an additional part and I don't want to pay $40 for that. Maybe $10-20. I'm sure a lot of people here want 6.3mm cables considering all the amps and DACs you guys have sold here.
Hey everybody - yes, we're running the HD600. If this goes well, we'll definitely go back to the vendors and see if they'd be interested in running the HD650s. Great work getting this poll off the ground and make sure to check back this week for the HD600s.
So the HD650 wins the poll by a margin, but we're stuck with the HD600? And the HD 600 ONLY ships with the 3.5mm plug, doesn't it?<br />Well, I am disappointed. I'll join a drop on the HD650, but not on the more fatiguing HD600.
I think where they were going with the decision was guessing that there were at least 40-50 people from the 85-strong Bottlehead Crack drop that didn't already have an HD6*0 headphone & would jump at the chance to get one through MD. Considering that the primary synergy of the much-lauded Crack-HD6*0 pairing is a warming effect that reportedly rolls off those (marginally-more-)fatiguing highs, 50-some-odd people (this guy included) probably consider that a complete non-issue with the HD600 and will be thrilled to have a chance at the more neutral & less 'veiled' of the two models. <br /><br />Fingers crossed still on the pricing.
I don't mind the HD600 instead of HD650, but Massdrop, can you at least include the option of getting 1/4" (6.3mm) cables instead of the 3.5mm? I want to be able to use it on my amp without an extra adapter!
put an option for a headset with a microphone also.
I hope more people will vote for the HD650! I bought the Bottlehead Amp and need HD650 to go with it!
The announcement email was sent out almost simultaneously with your post -- the HD600 is finally going to be launched in a drop starting Monday. No indication on pricing, nor on whether it's direct through Sennheiser or through a 3rd party. I'd like to think our poll was the last straw. Yay us. <br /><br />As indicated below, I think it makes more sense to do an HD600 drop vs one for the HD650. It's rated much higher on a "bang-for-buck" basis by nearly everyone, and high-profile reviewers like Tyll have stated that it's the one of the two models much less deserving of the overdone "Sennheiser veil" criticism. Add to that, the 650 is comparatively so widely available these days that deals in mainstream channels are bound to reoccur -- no need to use up our (group-)buying power there.<br /><br />I hope they do a good job with the lowest-drop pricing. In my head, I'm thinking $260 + $10 shipping would be an attractive level. Without knowing this would happen, I just ordered a completely different set of cans earlier today, so I can't really afford anything much higher. Fingers crossed.
I'm curious to see if MrSpeakers would, as well. I'd love to be able to get them from a Massdrop
My vote would be the MrSpeaker Mad Dogs. Even though it's a small custom shop the owner might be eager to drop the price a bit in order to get more exposure on these. I know he just released a 3D printed variant as well which he might be willing to do a group buy on.
I concur, Mike. I wonder if Massdrop has contacted MrSpeakers.
I believe the HiFiman drop was from some 3rd party vendor, which was why it was possible. <br />Buy the sennheisers used for $240 - $360, depending on model and condition.<br />Vote for something else :)<br /><br />Didnt we just have a senn drop?
Everybody should just vote for the HD650 as it is the best headphone here that we can get a group buy deal on. Don't bother voting for the HiFiMan headphones because they won't do it.
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not sure what is up with all the negativity regarding a group buy not being possible for hifiman when one has already occurred.
I agree about the Senns -- I only voted for the 600 (1st) and 650 (2nd) -- but I think it's unrealistic to hope that Sennheiser and MD would orchestrate anything remotely close to that ridiculous BF price you quoted. From what I gather, Sennheiser is pretty terrible about protecting their established price levels, supposedly refusing to allow authorized dealers to advertise specials undercutting their MAPs. Can't see why they would contradict that by doing it themselves directly -- the only exception I could imagine might be if they decided to finally discontinue the HD 600.<br /><br />** EDIT: After some searching, turns out those BF deals were actually directly through Sennheiser USA for about $290 (net of $50 iTunes GC), so I suppose there's reason to hope for the $320 lowest-drop price point. If it isn't right at that price point, then I'm passing and waiting for BF to see what comes up then. I would still highly prefer an HD 600 for around $250 over paying more for the 650, but that's just my take.
I don't like the HD650 at all. They sound horrible at any price. Sorry
Just curious if you've only heard them by themselves or if you've paired them with an amp?
What happened to all the images?<br /><br />The thing with the HD 650 is that its MSRP is way too high and I would suggest just buying one used somewhere (not sure how much the drop would be but can be had for around $300). In this situation, the HD 600 would be a great alternative (although used models can be had for $250). <br /><br />Since Hifiman and MrSpeakers are out, next is the Fidelio X1. Reviews state its sound signature is very similar to the HD 650 maintaining its warm full sound but adding some top end, making it faster paced and punchier. The previous group buy for it had 90~ users and has 90~ requesting it currently which dropped at $189 (msrp $300). Plus im biased since in suggested it.<br /><br />Wouldn't Grado be considered a smallish company as well? The Beyerdynnamic T90 is supposed to be a great headphone but is priced a bit higher than the rest of the Mid-fi headphones. Its more of a lower Hi-fi headphone.
HiFiMan doesn't do any sort of price cut or group buy, I think that's been gone over in several other poll threads before. Similarly, I doubt any price cut could be acquired from MrSpeaker, seeing as both of these companies are smaller craft headphone makers. Getting a drop on the HD650s or the Grado PS500s is a much more realistic endeavor, and either one would be a fantastic goal (I would prefer the HD650s though, as it never hurts to get another pair).
Is there a chance that Hifiman will be willing to offer a group deal?