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Thanks to brandon_jia for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Sennheiser HD 600 Audiophile Headphone available.

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Sennheiser HD 600 Audiophile Headphone

Sennheiser HD 600 Audiophile Headphone

bring back the fidelio x1s!!!!!
vote up the alpha dog guys!!
Any chance these will be coming back?
I think we need a HD 650/HD 600 GB,
Any chance the Philips Fidelio X1's might come back anytime soon?
Good news everyone! Within the next hour we'll be listing the HiFiMAN HE-400 and HE-500. We've only got access to 20 units for now but if this goes well, we might be able to source more on your behalf. <br /><br />Prepare your wallets, planar magnetic headphones are coming.
What happened to this?
@Parker <br /><br />Well, we listed the X1s and they sold out in a day. Then we listed the HE-500s and 400s, they sold out in a few hours. Looks like we just need more headphones.
I demoed the K550s and AD900xs for a week. I eventually chose the K550s. Sonically, they were both great, but the wings on the AD900xs were annoying. Walking around with the AD900xs meant that I was constantly re-adjusting them due to the fact that they were sliding down on my head. Getting a good seal on the K550s is a bit tricky, but once you do they stay put and sound great. I actually went jogging with the K550s once (forgot the earbuds at work that day).
I have listened to all of these headphones in the past and I can safely say that the AKG-702 and Sennheiser 650 are the best. If you want to listen to a pair of extremely accurate monitor headphones the 702 are better, however if you are into jazz or classical I prefer the 650s.
Yea I think it should be one of those unspoken rules not to include the "oldies" headphones. The classic trio and it's variants can be had for basically half off msrp, cheaper than whatever massdrop could get, no offense. <br /><br />I have heard the AD900X labeled as a mini HD800, if you're into that, with it'd sound stage, detail retrieval and frequency response. Obviously not in the same level but a good taste. <br /><br />Still banking on the Fidelio X1 but AT has my vote #2
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@Braden<br /><br />the ATH-AD900 & ATH-AD900X are both open back.<br /><br />the ATH-A900 &amp; ATH-A900X are both closed back.<br /><br />the X is just the new revision across the entire line.<br /><br />The ATH-AD1000X is considerably better than the AD900X though. The problem being that it's only available in japan and europe right now.<br /><br />Though you can order from japan &amp; have it shipped overseas, you just have to deal with duty &amp; tariffs. In japan they're going for the equiv of $300 USD. A bargain for their sound quality.<br /><br />Check out this comparison review of the 900X & 1000X<br /><br />
I really got carried away and confuse him gave A + for the old model. The new model is not closed it is opened.<br /><br />
The Audio Technica ATH-AD900X is considered a bargain in its headphone class. Reviewers are saying that at a street price of $225 this competes against $300 to 400 offerings from Beyerdynamic, Sony, AKG, etc. <br /><br />With a low impedance of 38 ohms, they can be used directly with smart phones and computer audio jacks without requiring a headphone amp.<br /><br />It would be nice if Massdrop could offer the Audio Technicas for under $200!<br /><br /><br />Reviews:<br /><br />
I agree I've heard one AD700x and is an excellent cost benefit, I am very curious to hear AD900X.
Actual market price of the Sennheisers are much cheaper than the MSRP. I know Sennheiser is being more strict to their price policy, but II purchased my HD650 at $350 some time ago and it can be found at around $450 easily right now.
The Sony MDR-MA900 would be a great pick for a good quality mid-grade headphone that would excel at both music and games (assuming you like gaming).<br /><br />The soundstage and imaging is superb because of the massive 70mm drivers. According to many people at, second only to the $1,500 Sennheiser HD800.<br /><br />It helps with games where you need to determine which direction something is coming from.<br /><br />They're also extremely light for having earpads this large, which makes them comfortable for many hours of extended wear.<br /><br />
Oh baby those HiFiMAN headphones would be seriously sweet.
I think Massdrop has said that HiFiMAN is not willing to work with them in the past.
Prices on these headphones are wrong. Way to high.