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Isn't the Blue a sold out limited edition? (I see none on eBay at this point)
Any info on a new drop for this?
Wonder why something with > 700 votes is not getting to the gate? Why is that - surely it would be popular
Hi everyone -- There's clearly a favorite option here, so I will get to work on that ASAP.
Thanks to @Sonique for starting this poll and everyone for participating, we'll try to make it work!
Any good news yet?
I am a big fan of the traveler's notebook. I have the whole selection! Regular size, Passport size, limited edition and all...It is a just that tad bit overpriced, but the refills are very very good for fountain pens. Perhaps the MD notebook will do?
can't wait for this to drop
I have to agree with Mike on this one there are other "Refillable Journals" out there that fit more common notebook sizes. The Midori Booklets seems to be a bit overpriced.
Just a reminder that Midori's notebooks, specifically the passport will only cleanly fit their brand of notebook refills. Every other brand sticks out on the edges. The 2nd best fit I have found is Banditapple Carnet Peewee. Here is a pic of a Midori and BC notebook in the Passport: