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I just thought of this about Schiit amps in particular. The company has a policy of absolutely no sale prices. I wonder if the folks at Massdrop have contacted Jason Stoddard over at Schiit to even discuss this. I am all in on either a Vahalla 2 or a Lyr 2. I have the original Asgard, so I would not participate in that buy, and I would have to do some more research on the others to see what pairs well with 300 ohm headphones (typically all of the tube amps since they output a higher voltage).
I want the Vahalla because I am waiting on some Sennheiser HD-600 headphones from Massdrop. You know damn well that the 300ohm headphones Schiit tested probably included the HD-600. It was probably tuned with those in mind (among others with that impedance).
+1 for MK III and Project Ember. These aren't mid-range though; just all most people need.
Apparently the concept of "mid-range" is a bit blurry for the voters of this poll.