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Would be nice to know what kind of pricing we are looking at with the Stowa.. Considering it is about 1,700 Euro. Been wanting a flieger for about 3 years or so now and this is a very nice watch.
It's been a few years since I was in the military but i seem to remember an overwhelming choice for the casio g-shock in those actually going out to the two way range. pilots excepted, of course.
People have no concept of what a military watch is when they add options like the Tissot Visodate, the Klok, the SKX, the Seagul M193S, etc to a poll on military watches. There are a lot of great watches added to the poll, but a huge number are not military watches (I really wish we could "down-vote" options community members add).
PLEASE, if you going to add a poll option, then at least make sure that what you add fits with the OP's subject poll. To do otherwise is just plain rude.
3K votes and nothing.
Tissot Visodate has the most class by far
I would have really liked the AirBoss mechanical... (like i like the design and it would have been a great thing to pick it up) but i guess not then😂😂😂
1816 votes, as jhon Oliver would say "How is yhis not a thing"?
I own a pair of these, wore them today in fact. They are great. Comfortable and easy to care for. I'd love to see them as a drop.
The Steinhart Nav B-Chrono is perhaps the best pilot's chronograph watch that isn't an IWC
How bout Laco? They were also one of the original Flieger makers if I'm not mistaken.
that Techné - GosHawk 411 PVD is beautiful
Stowa Flieger is the real deal.
Common, its 200 already