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Now Available!

Thanks to KingRama for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope Watch available.

DavidDrop Buyer

Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope Watch

Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope Watch

Do you plan to contact the manufacturer of Stock watches?
Thank you.
Thanks for this suggestion. We will prioritize the top picks from the poll, however we will reach out to Stock Watches in the future.
Hey guys,
We have dropped the Braun BN0035 Watch.
Here's the link for the drop:
Thanks for voting.
Just wanted to give you guys an update. Uniform Wares is not ready to work with the community just yet. We'll keep following up with them.
On the bright side, we might be doing a drop for Braun Watches pretty soon :).
We'll keep you guys posted.
Hey guys,
I am still following up on Uniform Wares. I'll give another update as soon as there's a change.
Meanwhile, I am going to contact Braun Watches.
Any updates on this?
*New to this, not sure how long before you guys get a response from the vendor.
Hey guys,
Thanks for voting. We are in the process of contacting the top voted option.
We'll keep you in the loop :)