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If we're talking about actual moto jackets and not just moto style, you'll have a hard time beating Fox Creek Leather. Have a look at their Grayson model. I've got something very similar (but no longer produced) with retroreflective piping in a pair of chest/back stripes and the difference between their stuff and almost anything else is profound. Amazing construction, amazing materials. All made in Independence, VA.
Hi everyone-
While we haven't yet been able to get Schott NYC on board, I'm excited to say that we are taking preorders for Satchel & Page's new leather jackets. You can see the drop here:
Hey guys,
We will reach out to some other top picks in this poll such as Vanson Leather and Caine Leather. We'll keep you posted with our progress!
One problem with a Schott massdrop is that the fit can be idiosyncratic and varies from style to style. I'd try on their Moto in-store to make damned sure it fit me before I ordered it online.
Hey guys,
We have reached out to Schott in the past, however we were not able to arrange a drop with them.
I love my 585. Maybe not as minimalist as what's being polled here, but it looks as amazing on the bike as it does out on dates with the Mrs.
Schott NYC jackets are great