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Now Available!

Thanks to kunalkumar for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set available.

YanboDrop Buyer

Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set

Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set

Can we get this 2019
Any Chance to get a Star Citizen Layout? Coz their Layout is not easy to memorize...
Please drop this again D:
For the e-homing set will there be replacement 'F' and 'J' keys?
Very much yes. white/orange/black is an excellent colour scheme.
Yes!!! Been waiting for an orange and light coloured DSA set for awhile. Only thing that would be amazing is if it was thick PBT, but we can't have it all.
Ugly :(
Planck support is Noice!
Any chance for Mac modifiers?
Will the "bars and blanks" kit support Corsair? I.e. 6.5 units (123mm wide, 3 mounts, 52.25mm apart), per
6.5 U bars will be available.
There's a huge updated coming in a few minutes!
Thanks for the reply, compatibility with Corsair got me to join this.
Alps Options???
Planck support plz!
Completely supported!
I can't see it in the link you provided. And don't tell me to use blanks, blanks are not support :) For Planck support it would need 1u alt shift meta menu lower upper...
Because of many requests, here's a 100% render.
There are hundreds of possible combinations for the keycaps we will have, this is one of them!
Many more renders will be released soon, stay tuned.
The DE compability kit is not very useful for us Finns, we use the SW layout.
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Thank you for the heads up!
Do you know if the DK kit is correct?
Not entirely sure. Googling "Danish keyboard layout" got me this image

which would suggest the \ and | characters are in the wrong places. Anyone from Denmark able to confirm?
I don't think I will ever get over waiting months for Cospar SA only to get burned when MiTo EDIT: decided that he was too frustrated to finish the project.
It was going to be my first keyset but instead basically turned me off of the hobby. MiTo, if you're listening.... bring us Cospar.....
Yes PLEASE a ergodox version of this would be sweet!
Ergodox is completely covered with the Base Set and some blanks!
Check this link for more info:
The price would be ridiculously high
PuLSE has more custom legends then Sci-Fi.
This keyset will be afordable, don't worry!
It would be awesome if you guys would make a Planck keycap set aswell!
You're covered with the Base Set, Asiimods/Vulcamods and some blanks!
Check this link for the sub-deals:
ISO for the love of whatever you believe in!
We will have 10 international compatilibity kits, ISO and UK are included!
Check this link for more details:
im in if possible !!!!
>Inspiration for this project came when I learned that mechanical keyboards were a thing. I wanted something customized to play one of the most popular games of this era, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I can understand when inspiration came from vi or first Diablo. Also I like to see inspired by Fallout 1-2 keycap set. But orange and CS GO - no way!
The color scheme came from the sci-fi CS:GO weapon skin collection, by Coridium, released last year.

I love how you don't associate CSGO with orange, even though it is by far the color it wants to be associated with the most (look at the logo and wallpapers by valve, all have some kind of orange background)
Why is every set coming out DSA? I can't be the only one that thinks DSA with large letters looks horrible
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Due to the infinite keybinding patterns featured on CS:GO , it is almost impossible to make this keyset compatible with everyone on sculpted SA. We would need to use SA flat R3 which many gamers, and the public in general, seem to dislike - due to the ergonomics and high profile. It would also kill the versatility of the keyset.
Sci-Fi is the most versatile keyset ever done, it completely covers the average non-gamer user with two different modifier colors, the average gamer and a CS:GO pro. We have 10 international compatibility kits, for many countries, and the keyset covers most of the 100%, TKL, 60% and 40% layouts.
Check this link for more details:
Cheers for the info, I'll most probably get this set regardless. Also, here's my vote for your next set to be some form of SA! ;)
I like blue better than orange, but am not a fan of celebrating bullets...
Sci-Fi also suits non-gamers and general DSA profile fans, as it features regular text modifiers that are swappable, in two colors (orange and blue). That said, you'll be able to achieve this peaceful look, for example!
See this page for more details:
I believe many of you are missing the child deals that will be offered.
Please, check this link!
Isn't Massdrop due for another Ergodox drop in the nearish future?
If so, it would be pretty opportune to have a set with legends made. There are only a few of those out there and they are exceedingly difficult to come by.
If there's an Ergodox drop soon, I wonder if this kit could be offered as an upcharge on it over the basic blanks.
Would love a full 104 too. But price is a factor.
I will get if the price is good
asiimov, anyone?
Would be interested in a standalone set of orange CSGO modifier keys.
These look great. Thanks Mito. Glad to see you back.
I'll be patiently waiting for them Pulse round 2 in any profile if you ever decide, no rush. More importantly excited to see what the future holds for your new designs. Already starting off with a bang! Pun intended :)
Hey Cray, what's up?!
Thank you for the support mate, I'm glad you enjoyed this design.
Also, stay tuned - I'll be posting new renders soon, make sure to check them out!