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Now Available!

Thanks to Lakaen for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Modern Masters 2017 Booster Box available.

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Modern Masters 2017 Booster Box

Modern Masters 2017 Booster Box

Test, do i have star?
On the site immediately and didn't get through with a CC order. I know you guys say you upped your bandwidth 70 to 100 times and thought that would be enough two days in a row now, but it's clearly still an issue. I hope you start nixing orders for the same customer shipping to two different addresses and let everyone else in on the fun too.
lol It hit the limit before I could get through paypal at 1:02 PST. Hopefully I'll have better luck today. Congrats to Wizards for figuring out a way to legally print money :)
Is the limit of 2 3-packs per day or for the entire 4 days? Is it possible for someone to get a sealed box if they order 2 3-packs all 4 days?
the limit is for the entire four days.
Thanks Mark, that is fairer than some eBay style sniper.
I bought a box for $250. That is the absolute cheapest, and it was via BIN for some reason. I have not found a singled cheaper box in Europe.
Is the $10 international shipping cost per 3 pack? $37.75 US per 3 pack or 65.50 for 2x 3 packs?
i really dont care for just packs so ill just pass on this
Someone stated you can get boxes on Ebay for 240. I haven't seen a box sell for under $270 yet, and Starcity has them at $300. If they drop to less than $10 a pack, awesome - but I believe the average pack is valued around $10 (from what's been spoiled thus far). That isn't including foils.
A week ago that was the going rate, I guess they've gone up, regardless, why not just get the box, has anyone even tried their LGS?
i tried 14 different LGS in my area...they are all selling for about $11/pack, or not at all. there is one comic shop that sold 10 boxes at $140 over the weekend though -_-
Sounds like Massdrop has this thing on lock down.
I laughed at buying packs over the internet when box mapping is a thing.
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I laughed because you think you know what you're talking about. A reliable box mapping will not be even remotely available/solved within the first few days of release. Never mind the reasons Evan mentioned, or the fact that the payoff from mapping is zero, since after the first print/distribution there are no more cards distributed.
Box mapping needs data from trial-and-error of opening packs and finding patterns, which needs the set to be released to the public, and it needs time to become accurate.
This is an exciting opportunity for us all. If you're going to complain about the price don't buy it, I'm just excited about the opportunity to be able to get some packs. Thank you everyone at Massdrop for working over the past few months to pull this off.
I don't care if this isn't the best deal of the century, some of us have virtually no way of getting a decently priced draft set of packs, other than this. I'll be super happy to get some packs through massdrop
Boxes on ebay are 240 (10 per pack) so if people really want it at this price I'd suggest that instead. They're also selling them in packs of 3 and 6.
They are coming in at about 40 cents cheaper per pack than the cheapest on ebay. Not much of a deal but still a decent way to get them. Here's to hoping the site handles this come 4PM tomorrow.
Is the 2x 3-pack limit per address a limit across all 400 bundles, or per 100?
Not really pretty good since most local gamestores are going to be drafting them at MSRP. Boxes are above MSRP, packs shouldn't be.
Even though not everyone is going to be able to get packs, I applaud the team at Massdrop for doing a fantastic job to making sure as many people as possible can get some Modern Masters. Just under $10 a pack (after shipping) seems to be a pretty good deal too, considering it's pretty much impossible to find it for less than $10 a pack anymore.
PS, if anyone's wondering, we looked through the voting data and found around 60 "fake accounts" that were created and used to vote for "boxes" so we're not counting those votes in the tabulation.
Okay, here are the details for the Modern Masters drop that will be launched: There are 400 sets of 3-packs available in total. We will be releasing them in 100-pack blocks, once per day, at 1PM PST/4PM EST (Tues-Fri). Once the 100 packs for the day are sold, the group buy will automatically deactivate until the following day. Cards will ship at, or shortly after the MM release date. Cards will be at one set price of $27.75 + $2.00 shipping per three-pack. (US shipping costs) There will be a limit of TWO three-packs ordered per address. International shipping costs: Canada $7, Other Countries: $10 Orders will be prioritized based on when payment information is confirmed, not when you reach the "Join Group Buy" page. It's possible that while typing in your payment/address/paypal info the limit for the day will be reached. We've increased our bandwidth capabilities with Amazon, but we expect a significant surge in traffic, so please bare with us if there's any stability issues during the buy times, we expect it to be pretty frantic.
Thanks. Hopefully people will know what they are voting for now, as I assume lots were not looking at the comments before voting.
Can one of the admins edit the vote so people know that voting for a box doesnt get them a box guaranteed.
Done, thanks for the suggestion. The packs are 200-400 people depending on whether people order 1 or 2 sets of 3-packs.
Based on the number of people who have voted, the only reasonable way for us to get SOME product is to distribute in very small quantities. 1 or 3-pack bundles should be OK. 25 boxes X 24 packs means that there are only 600 packs to go around, and if 2000+ people have voted, there is no way everybody can get a single pack as this Massdrop stands.
I think a lot of people just want a box because paying $300 for 24 packs is more palatable than paying $60 for 3 packs.
I agree. I'm astounded by the amount of people who think that they'll be one of 50 to get a box. 2,000 people voted and there are (as of this comment) ninety-three comments, suggesting that demand for this is EXTREMELY high. What makes anyone think they'll be one of 50 to get a box? You only have a 5% chance of getting one. Even the half-box option is ridiculous; there would only be enough for one-hundred people and that'll be gone in a flash. As much as it sucks, single packs or groups of three are the best option for everyone.
The fact that so many people have voted one box is amazing. You do realize that the vote already shows more demand than supply?
I wrote in the Half Box Pption. Could one of the admins edit that so it is also "Limit 1 per person"? Thanks
How about selling off 25 boxes, then opening the other half and sell the packs? Most fair, no?
Hey everybody - I'll be disabling the top option in the poll (titled 'Modern Masters') since it's clear that everybody here wants to run a drop. As of now, it's more about the format and details when we run Modern Masters. Mark has uploaded a few additional options which are more relevant to what's currently happening in this poll. After the option's disabled, feel free to vote for whatever format you guys think is best. -- Edit: Note that Massdrop uses a type of ranked voting system called 'instant runoff voting'. Based on our experience, its one of the best ways for groups of people to agree on a single product to group buy. Keep in mind that removing one option means that people's 2nd and 3rd choices come into play. As a result, there was quite a big swing in the voting results (the 1 Box per person option received quite a boost). Here's the wiki link explaining how it works in more detail: Also here's a pretty awesome youtube video explaining how it works:
Ok, so I'm assuming the 5 options posted by Mark are the only "real" options? Because the half box idea sounds amazing to me.
Nope. Mark's options were just suggestions. Feel free to add or vote for anything that you think would be a good choice.
I have no interest in boxes, way too few available for such a big sale, and they are far too expensive anyways
Packs are fine! 50 boxes isn't enough to even do anything with. Please make sure to announce when it will go live.