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May 23, 2013
Modern Master's release is just a few weeks away and we want to get rolling with it. Here's some of the details: Massdrop is going to get "around" 50 boxes of modern masters, the exact number will be confirmed a few days before the release date. Massdrop works for you, the MtG community, so we think it's best for you guys to decide (vote) on how you want us to make these cards available to you. I think it's best that people start by discussing/nominating some different options here, and then after a week or so we'll collect the suggestions and create an official poll. People can vote, and then we'll launch the buy based on what you guys want. We don't have costs or any specific numbers yet, so we can't talk pricing, but you can assume (like with everything on our site), it will be a very competitive, if not the best price, available. If it isn't, we'll tell our distributors "no thanks" and we won't run it on the site. Here's a couple simple ideas that I'll throw out there to get you guys started: Sell Modern Masters as: A) Draft Pack - 2 Packs of MM, 1 Pack of (RTR/DM/GTC/INN etc) - Limit 2 draft packs per person. B) Draft Boxes - 1 Box of MM, 1 Box of Dragon's Maze, 1 Box of RtR C) Single Packs - Just a single pack - Limit 2 packs per person D) Draft Boxes, allocated based on past massdrop booster box purchases (people who ordered previously get higher priority) E) Draft boxes, allocated based on random draw of orders F) Draft boxes, allocated based on first come first serve. Remember, Massdrop exists to serve and represent you as a community. We love the community of magic card players who have embraced the site and we want to reward those who have participated and help make these group buys happen, as well as encourage new members to join. The worst case result would be for some ebay flipper to swoop in and buy all 50 boxes once we listed them (mind you, Massdrop makes the most profit if this were to happen).
May 23, 2013
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