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Any updates?
sandisk just came out with sansa clip Jam
I think the reason that most people prefer the Clip+ over the Clip Jam is that the former has RockBox support, where the latter doesn't.
Yeah, need some new MP3 player and Sansa Clip+ would be optimal.
any updates on this?
Any chance we can get a drop on the new X3? Or "X3K" apparently its not available in the US Update: Never mind, saw it on amazon today.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We will start working to source the top results and keep you posted when we have more information!
8 Gigs of space on the clip?
Forget it...
Yes, only 8Gig built in, but I am running my Clip+ with a 64Gig micro SD plugged in and it works fine. 64G microSD is only $30 these days and you can carry a fair amount of music on one. Not to mention that you can carry several if one does not hold enough.
And the X5 is better than all
The Fiio X1 doe not necessarily sound better than the clip. Check out ClieOS's review :
"Overall, you are looking at a DAP that is roughly on par to iPod nano 7G and Sandisk Clip+ / Fuze. The major difference are of course the high resolution support as well as a more powerful amp section"
Yes, X1 is great mp3 player but there is no chance for drop even with big number of votes. In another vote was over 300 votes for x1 and stuff massdrop shutdown votes.
Guys, the Fiio X1 sounds much better than the Zip. Or so I've heard :D