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DavidDrop Buyer

Innistrad Booster Box

Innistrad Booster Box

For anyone who didn't catch the previous drop, there were JUST a Gatecrash drop last week. If you are going to be playing competitvely or drafting at all in the next few months, then Gatecrash is what you'll be getting in terms of prices and cards drafted and right now the prices are really high on it. Buying bulk on an older set (INS, AVR, RTR probably) would be a better bet since it's more likely we can get a better discount on a bulk purchase than something that just came out. But if an overwhelming number of people vote Gatecrash, then we'll do Gatecrash.
I noticed that the Gatecrash set is winning both the Booster Pack poll and the Booster Box poll. If I might make a suggestion, don't do both for Gatecrash.
I removed the boxes from this poll. I also removed 4th edition from the poll as I know we won't be getting that. Use the other MTG Boxes poll if you want to vote for boxes.
Do we get any idea of how good the deals would be?
We won't list it on the site if it isn't beating most (if not all) online prices. I have a comment on the boxes vote that somewhat addresses your question. Keep in mind the relative deal price for packs will always be considerably better than boxes though, as MTG orders don't really scale too much once you get beyond a certain (relatively low compared to our past quantities) size.
Okay, thanks, that was pretty much what I was wondering. I can get a box for about $104 so about 2.89/pack so my vote would go to w/e set would end up being cheaper than that.
4th Edition?! No, just no. That was the first box I ever bought, I was left unfulfilled, sad, empty. I would relate 4th edition to that of the other editions of its time, Fallen Empires, Homelands, but I digress. knowing Massdrop, and the deals they can swing, I could imagine getting 3 boosters for about...tree fitty.