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Innistrad Booster Box

Innistrad Booster Box

Was there no Innistrad or Return to Ravnica?
Hey everybody, I've got some great news! Later tonight (7PM PST) we'll be launching our Booster Box Group Buy. Unfortunately, all of the suppliers are tapped out of Gatecrash and unwilling to sell us large quantities, so we'll be listing Avacyn Restored. Based on your feedback about shipping, we have gotten our distributor to guarantee that we'll have at least 60 boxes within two days of the Massdrop ending. We're confident that we'll be able to ship them out quickly. For orders beyond 60 boxes, we'll update with expected shipping times but it shouldn't be that much (if at all) later.
Why is Gatecrash voted up??? Innistrad should be at the top of the votes.
Gatecrash has some pretty bad cards....why are you guys voting for it...
why GTC? lowest ev value long term
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Any word of progress? EDIT: Didn't mean to reply, disregard that.
Saying ev value is redundant as the v in ev stands for value.
@colin: if you're in the states purchasing boxes try e-bay. I haven't seen any at the $65-$75 price point but you can pick up gatecrash (shipping included) for $95 fairly easily. RtR (shipping included) for ~$85. You just have to watch .. most of the +shipping deals are "buy it now" and they run low box counts (e.g. the seller may only have 1-4 boxes). Good luck!
Saint traft could make an appearance as well! Not to mention gurruk and miss voldaren.
Once again, it will depend on the pricing. If it can get close to the initial RtR price then I'd buy a box of any of the sets. At the INN price I might only buy an RtR box or maybe a GTC box but only because I could go the safe route and draft it to get my money back. If your 3 packs were that cheap then I really hope you can do us a huge favor with boxes. Please be as awesome as you were with RtR. Please?
I'm actually pretty surprised that gatecrash is winning by almost a double margin (as of 2/7/2013) over RtR. All aboard the hype-train I suppose :P
I concur with philippe. All things being equal I'd like Gatecrash best (like most of us) but last time it was up we only got 10% discount, which isn't even as cheap as my LGS! Unless gatecrash can be discounted clost to as much the others its probably not worth it
Would it be possible to estimate the expected discount for each set? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would prefer say a great deal on avacyn restored to a meh deal on gatecrash.
Yeah, if it's at all possible, I'd prefer the same, and not just because I really personally like Avacyn's set. Gatecrash will be good, but if it's 110 bucks for a box compared to 80-90 for Avacyn or one of the other sets, I'd much rather have the latter, as long as it's not M13. That was a terrible set. Out of curiosity if Mark is still reading, do you guys have a rule/following for doing the same set/product in a certain amount of time?
No specific rule, but running things too close together doesn't work for demand aggregation. Also, keep in mind our fulfillment isn't extremely quick, so we definitely have a policy to make sure a deal is done being fulfilled before we recycle it (i.e. Dragon sleeves from January still haven't been shipped yet- grrr...)
Hey Everyone, EV is relative to the cost of acquisition, and I can tell you for certain that our prices (and consequently your prices) vary a lot per set. Ravnica was super cheap that time, I'm not so certain it will be again in the future. Obviously the interest in the deal is relative to the pricing, and it's hard to vote on things without knowing the price. We won't list products unless we think the price is competitive, and we specifically listed products at pack prices due to their packs being competitively priced (I agree gatecrash as a box wasn't very good, but as a 3-pack, I'm pretty sure nobody else on the internet sold 3 packs shipped for $10.00). As a very rough ballpark, I think it's useful to vote thinking "if I could buy --any edition-- booster for 25-50 cents less than the typical online price, it would be --X--"
Well RTR has better cards than GTC, so I'd go with that
Gatecrash will net you best profit. The shocks are at 12. And tournament play has yet to show us which cards will grow or shrink. The market is our friend. The guild leaders in racnica are all under five dollars. Gatecrash lowest is 8 to my knowledge. With the ghost council and war leader above 20. How does ravnica have best long value?
RTR has the most value long term, followed by either Inni or GTC. AVR has a very low long-term value.
Avacyn has the best EV...
Innistrad will have high value. The check lands in the set will match the SImic Boros and Izzet guilds. Not to mention Snapcaster being at 25 dollars.
Don't forget about Liliana!
I agree with Keith. Last month's Massdrop had RTR going for $76/box. I can't see us getting anywhere close to that kind of value with a Gatecrash sale.
If you can't get the price under $100, don't bother. You can look at to see the price that you need to beat for this to be interesting.
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Where do you find booster boxes for 65 to 75 dollars??? They are 100-120 in the three states I've checked.
agreed, i'd rather have a ~70 dollar innistrad than 95 dollar gatecrash
I agree with Keith: RTR has better value, and would probably be cheaper. It won't be the same low price as the 3 packs (scaled) I bet, since that was TOO low for their suppliers.
RTR will be cheaper and have more EV. Deathrite, sphinx rev, JAoT. GTC will be a waste of a massdrop, the 3 pack boosters were barely a deal.