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Now Available!

Thanks to erkston for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool W/ Leather Sheath available.

KyleeDrop Buyer

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool W/ Leather Sheath

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool W/ Leather Sheath

Added the Multitasker. They make some really cool Multitools and they have only been around for a few years. their main webpage goes to facebook!
Hey Guys,
The drop just went live last night for the Gerber Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier:
Check it out and let us know what you think!
Hey Guys,
Thank you for creating this poll and your participation. We would love to do this drop, but Leatherman doesn't want to work with us and the pricing you see on Amazon and other big box stores are the best you will get unless we can do a order of 1,000 units and then Leatherman might give us a half blink. There are more viable options out there and our team is currently reaching out to vendors that are willing to work with our community.
Sit tight and keep spreading the word on this poll, we will find something awesome where the vendor and users benefit from the drop.
cool.. look forward to it
Added the Leatherman Charge AL. It's pretty much exactly the same as the Wave, but uses better metals for the blade.