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Hi all,
Thank you for your interest in this poll.
We have reached out to MVMT Watches and we cannot arrange a drop at this time. We will keep a note of this brand for the future. In the mean time, we will keep working on getting other watches on Massdrop.
Hey all,
We've been reaching out to MVMT watches and we'll keep working on trying to get them for the community. We'll keep you updated about the progress.
I bought one of these from the kickstarter - I get compliments all the time - however, the face scratches easily
Holy crap, this would be amazing. I've been eyeing up these watches for a long while and a drop would absolutely push me to buy at least one, if not a few.
FYI, there is a watches voting, and in discussion there Massdrop staff says they are working on dropping MVMT.