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I'm definitely interested in one of these. I've wanted one for a long time but could never justify the expense.<br /><br />A good deal could push me over the edge :)
We've got more than enough votes, any updates?
Hey there - We've reached out to all of the vendors in this poll and although many are interested in running a drop, there is a general shortage of the tubes needed to make these in mass. We're still working on finding a solid source for you guys - will keep you updated. In the meantime, the more options you can add to the poll, the faster we can move.
Interested in an update as well. Hoping for the IN-18 Clock, bigger is better!
Any updates?
This would be awesome. I've always wanted a nixie tube clock, but they were always too expensive.
It's the choice of Steins;Gate!
So what is this?
It is a clock that uses special vacuum tubes ( to display the numbers. This video (

) is a review of one of the clocks in the vote and shows what it looks like/features they can come with.