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Thanks to natefarious for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the LG 34"or 29" Ultra Widescreen Monitors available.

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LG 34"or 29" Ultra Widescreen Monitors

LG 34"or 29" Ultra Widescreen Monitors

Who uses G-sync? Honestly. You buy a 144Hz monitor just so you lower it according to your fps? I thought the whole concept of buying a monitor with more than 75Hz was to actually use it.
The asus one is too expensive =D the rog monitors suck, look in this thread. NONSTOP issues. Pixel inversion, artifacts, light bleed, death... Everyone in the rog thread is even talking about jumping ship to the acer predator, those who aren'[t arent familiar with acer and that is the source of their apprehension
Do not, I repeat, do not vote for /buy the benq 2420T, I have it and the colors are retarded. The contrast is extremely bad and colors as well
We need more for XB270HU! IPS vs 3ms response difference? I'd take IPS any day!
I wish you guys would've put the benq xl27 instead of the 24. I've been looking at that one to drop since black friday.
My budget would be $600 for a monitor like the Acer XB270HU. Strictly speaking I don't need 2560x1440 for my gaming display, especially since I stream games with Steam to my TV and that's 1080p. Also driving 2560x1440 at a good frame rate and highest quality settings isn't always possible with a single high end GPU either, though I think G-Sync will help offset that. I do wish there was a $400 1920x1080 120Hz IPS option with G-Sync, but nobody makes something like that.
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@natefarious you really should give the ROG Swift more credit. It really is one of the best TN based monitors out there. Go look at some reviews on YouTube or Vessel, LinusTechTips did one, Pauls Hardware, PCPer, and Tek Syndicate also have them and all of them pretty much say, out of any TN panel it's the best. I'm a fan of the BenQ XL2420G, as it actually is kinda what you're looking for although it is TN. It's 1920x1080, 1ms response time, 24 inch, 144Hz, has G Sync, AND is just under $600. I know you seem pretty set on not liking TN panels and that's fine, but same story with the ROG Swift, it's not just any normal TN panel and works great actually!
great so its the dwarf among midgets. Its still crap. And obviously you haven't checked owners threads, these things are riddled with issues. Light bleed,death, dead pixels, artifacting.
Does "not a crappy monitor" mean "not too expensive"?
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I understand why you don´t like tn panels. I own an Ips myself but the Asus Rog is freakin awesome. I would by this monitor only for G-sync and the resolution. But it is an 144hz monitor as well. For gaming it is simply one of the best monitors. An better altenative would be the Acer Predator XB270HU same resolution same refresh rate but this monitor has an ips panel.
lol you havent seen any owners clubs have you? these are iffy monitors, some are great but probably10-20% are defective or die early
Neither of these are inferior (poor color, poor contrast, poor viewing angle) TN panels. The Acer is an IPS panel. The Eizo is VA. Eizo has been out for a few months. The Acer is hitting shops in a few weeks.
Reviews of each: