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Now Available!

Thanks to JonasHeineman for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Noodler's Ink 3-oz Bottles (5-Pack) available.

JonasDrop Buyer

Noodler's Ink 3-oz Bottles (5-Pack)

Noodler's Ink 3-oz Bottles (5-Pack)

Hi everyone,
RE: Color selection for this drop -
We did our best to make a wide range of Noodler's Inks available on this drop, including the #1 choice and a few others from the poll, but I'm aware that some of the most popular options are not available this time. We'll do what we can to include them on future drops.
it would be amazing if Nathan Tardif could put normal colors in the 1oz luxury bottles. An awesome drop would be 4 or 5 1oz bottles of your choosing
Dragons Napalm only has two votes? WTF
didn't the color of " black swan in Australian roses " slightly change recently?
Yes, at one point it became more purply, but I know that at least Goulet is reporting that it's back to its original colour, more of a burgundy. To be honest, I don't really know who they contact specifically about supplying, so that might matter for which one you'd get. That being said, I have the purply one, and it's not strictly speaking *purple*. I could go either way, really.