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OMAS. One of those brands that makes me proud to be Italian. They do make some of the finest and flawless pens I've ever seen. Yes, I can't say their prices are low, but they employ a huge amount of handwork to manufacture their pens. And they use such exquisite materials, like celluloid, titanium, and ebonite for their feeds. So yes, I think they're one of the few brands whose pens are worth every single cent they cost. Still, making this drop a reality will certainly be one hell of a challenge for Massdrop. OMAS manufacture much less pens than other high end brands, so a drop would be extremely limited in numbers of available products. Or the team might try an agreement like the one they made with Stipula, so drop first, pens manufacturing later. Still, reaching the last drop level of the Stipula Passaporto was harder that expected, and I really don't think that all 424 voters of this poll would end up buying such an expensive pen. Because Massdrop can do wonders, but a 50% or more discount off a $700 pen is just impossible. Then there's the fact that many OMAS are Limited Edition, so pens like the wonderful Ogiva Arco Brown are already all in the hands of pen lovers or official resellers, so a drop for them would be equally impossible. A drop for a lower end (by OMAS standards) pen, like an Arte Italiana or a Milord would probably attract more people, if with a decent discount. I still think the best way to go would be a drop first, manufacture later, and the extra waiting time might be an incentive for OMAS to agree an higher discount on the pens. Still, good luck to the team and Jonas in particular, I know you'll give your best!
+1 for all the Omas love! Would love to see an Ogiva celluloid dropped at around $400 as I think it would have the widest appeal to many, unlike the super heavy new style paragon (metal section - ick!) or the weirdly shaped 360. MattMDavis - check with (no affiliation, just a satisfied customer) - I got an Extra Lucens from him about 6 months ago - he may still have some left. Total grail pen at a great price thanks to the sinking euro.
What Massdrop REALLY ought to do, though, is see if there's a number of pens they can buy that would convince Omas to do a run of the original Lucens. Now THAT is a brilliant, brilliant pen.
My number one pen is a circa 2000 Omas 360. Great pen. Would love to see a drop of the Arco celluloid Ogiva. No interest in the newer converter fillers.
My dream pen is the classic large Omas Arco in the the brown celluloid. As mentioned earlier I am not really able to blow $700 on a pen so I know Jonas would have to do some serious negotiations with them to get down to the $350 level.
I got this type of Omas with green celluloid material. I love the nib with an elegant style to write with. Frankly, this Omas is one of my favorite fountain pens among my Montblanc, Parker, Graf Von Faber Castell, Pilot, Platinum, Sailor, Nakaya, Pelikan... I would like to get a paire of this OMAS!
$ 416.00 is 20% off retail which is standard at any decent pen shop. The price will need to be much better than that.
Firstly, I agree that OMAS fountain pens are wonderful. However, some of the suggested limited edition models are sold out at the factory, for example the 360 Vintage 2014. Good luck getting enough votes and getting a fabulous price.
The first option is just... wow.
These pens are awesome! My Omas pens are well loved and well used. Beauty and function. I wish I knew how to get more votes.
Guys I am kinda new to this scene, but Omas makes beautiful pens and maybe if we pull together we can make this happen.
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Hey @Rajiv -- I've reached out and made some progress with Omas, but we've been waiting to get started and I don't have an ETA on when that might happen. So, the voting continues...
Hello @JonasHeineman, Thanks for the update, I am looking forward to see the deals you have managed to make. If only more people would vote. The waiting game continues.